Breaking in Your Woven Wrap

Breaking in a woven baby wrap is a lot like breaking in a pair of your new favorite jeans. They might be too tight at the beginning, yet after a couple of wears, the end result is supple-perfection. When your Artipoppe baby wrap arrives, it is already pre-washed and ready to be worn. However, certain products may need some time before reaching their optimal softness. Usually the heavier fabrics or particular blends need a little more breaking in than their lighter or easy-care counterparts.

Over time, your baby wrap will break itself in. The more you wrap your baby, the more the fabric fibres will soften, making it easier to tie and mold around your bodies. However, if you would like to skip or expedite the natural breaking-in process, you can try some simple tactics.

Wraps and blends that need a little more love

While all of our wraps come ready to wear, certain blends are going to need a little more breaking in. There are a few tips and tricks to break them in, but first we will explain the blends and fibres that might need that extra love to break in.

Woven wraps and ring slings: Some of our woven wraps do not have as much give as others. For this reason, they are going to need breaking before the corners tie and the fabric molds to perfection. Since you do not tie ring slings, breaking it in will not be as critical as with woven wraps, however it can take a couple wears before you get that ideal seat fit. Just like with a new pair of jeans.

Certain blends:
 Some of our products, like the Leopard Mania or Two Birds Oldschool which are made with a blend of cotton and cashmere, and are soft from the moment they arrive. However, thicker blends and highly sought after fibres, like wool blends of vicuña, qiviut or bison trend to be a bit stiff at the beginning before they melt into the lovely soft fabric they are made to be and adored for. Even lighter wraps may need a little breaking in, too. Linen, for example, is woven nice and tight for great support. But, that means this breathable fibre needs to be broken in a little more before the fabric loosens up. Learn more about our quality blends and fabrics.

Artipoppe approved methods

There are some easy ways to speed up the breaking in process of your baby wrap. Much like the natural way of wearing your wrap until it softens up the threads, these tricks will help you loosen the fibres so they can tie easier and mold better. Here are our favorite ways to safely break in your wrap.

Steam: A wonderful way to loosen up the fibres is to infuse them with some warm moisture. Be sure to read the care instructions first, but if the fabric allows it, a nice steam from your iron can really help jump-start the wearing in process.

Tumble dry: You should never tumble dry your machine washable wrap, as this can shrink and greatly affect the quality of the fabric. However, it is safe to pop your already dry wrap in the dryer for a gentle tumble to warm and loosen up the fibres.

Braid your wrap: Your wrap will naturally break in as you tie it, fold it, and wrap it around your body and your baby. However, you can mimic this natural process by braiding your wrap — looping the fabric, making a crochet chain, or just knotting it up in different places.

Sleep on your wrap: By placing your wrap on top of your sheets or even in your pillowcase, it will naturally get some body warmth and wear. You can always use it as a throw blanket on the couch or as a nap time blanket, too.

Make a hammock: Use the long, thick fabric of your wrap to make a hammock for your baby or toddler. Tie it up on two sturdy ends and let your child play or sleep inside while you are nearby watching. This is a great way to stretch out the fabric with your baby’s body and to loosen up the ends.

Breaking in your wrap might take a bit of effort at the beginning, but the end result is a buttery-smooth wrap that will only enhance your babywearing experience. Before your baby arrives you can try these methods to get ahead, but it is also a great idea to try some of these methods in-between babywearing to speed up the process.

Take our word for it, once you break your wrap in, you’re never going to want to put it down.

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