The convenience of the Zeitgeist baby carrier and ring sling or the versatility of a soft and sturdy woven wrap is what draws most parents into babywearing. The idea of carrying your baby close to your body is a comfort in itself – being able to bond together with their head close enough to kiss, while also being wrapped together in beautiful fabric, gives a feeling of security as one enters this new stage in their lives.

A woven wrap, ring sling or Zeitgeist baby carrier can be used instead of pushing a bulky stroller while traveling, walking in nature or snuggling at home. Especially the woven wraps and ring slings, also give parents the flexibility to adjust the carrier as the child grows.

Thankfully, getting through the babywearing learning curve only takes a little practice and determination. Here is a short guide to help persevere over the learning curve to experience the freedom and luxury of holding your precious one close.

Getting over the babywearing learning curve

1. Know your carrier

The first step to feeling confident and comfortable wrapping your baby is having the right wrap, ring sling or Zeitgeist baby carrier to work with. If you are browsing the website for the right product for you and your baby, we suggest starting by reading our DISCOVER section, where you will find information on blends, sizing, safety and what goes into creating Artipoppe fabrics which are designed and crafted in the Netherlands. If you are looking to buy your first Artipoppe carrier, you may find the New to Babywearing overview valuable. Most of the our designs are medium-weight and are suitable for wrapping both newborns and heavier babies or toddlers. The Zeitgeist baby carrier is suitable for from birth through toddlerhood.

2. How to feel more confident

If you are browsing the website or looking at your wrap, sling or baby carrier now that it is out of the box and wondering, “what now?”- ask yourself what is holding you back.

If you want the confidence to wear and hold your baby comfortably, you first need to understand why you are feeling apprehensive. To help, we have created an entire DISCOVER section dedicated to answering these questions and more. Here you can find out how to wrap in our step-by-step video tutorials and instructions, learn all the babywearing basics, and even get tips on wearing your baby in warm or cold weather.

If you feel like you need more of a human touch, we always suggest reaching out to a local babywearing professional for assistance. A babywearing consultant is a great resource, and they also give you the reassurance you might be craving. It can be well worth the investment in the long-run.

3. Practice turns into instinct

There is a learning curve with babywearing, similar to the learning curve of becoming a parent and learning how to care for your little one. If you are diligent, you are not only going to get it down – it is going to become instinct and a lifesaver. While babywearing is extremely useful for first time mothers, mothers often claim that it is with the 2nd or 3rd child that they reap the most benefits from the convenience aspect of babywearing as it allows them to keep their hands free to go about their day and care for their other children.

The most important aspect of babywearing is that you and your baby are comfortable. Your baby should be close enough to kiss and their knees should be in an ‘M’ shape with their knees above their hips. In addition, the most important in terms of safety when wrapping is that the passes provide enough support under their bum. If you have that down, you are nearing the finish line. However, if you are still feeling unsure about your baby wrapping skills, you can always call an expert in to help. You can even arrange one-time consultations.

Practice with your baby, practice with a doll, practice over a bed, practice in front of a mirror, watch our tutorials and read the guidance articles. Educate yourself on the different techniques and learn what feels right for you and your bundle of joy. Before you know it, you will be wrapping and securing your baby close to yourself without thinking twice – it is like riding your bike or tying your shoes.

4. Styling your baby carrier

For some mothers, the fun of babywearing comes with exploring the exquisite world of quality fibres, blends and designs. And for others, the real fun of babywearing comes with styling your baby wrap, ring sling or Zeitgeist baby carrier to look just right. Some women choose a baby carrier that is versatile, that they can mix and match with any outfit, that they can dress up or down. And because motherhood is not always glamorous, all baby wraps and ring slings are designed to make any jeans and a t-shirt ‘pop’. A more fashion adventurous woman may buy a baby wrap just to style with a certain outfit. Everyone is creative and some women surprise themselves with how much joy they experience from dabbling in the world of fashion and babywearing. The fashion aspect of babywearing can add fun to the un-glamorous activity of changing diapers. This can be motivating, as it is something that is fun and involves both you and your loved one together. Also, as a mother you want the best for your children and that also relates to what material you wrap your loved one in. We thrive to provide products that mothers can be proud to own, fabrics made with the highest quality fibres and are each their own piece of art.

5. Remember why you wanted to baby wear in the first place

You have done your research on the benefits of babywearing, chosen the perfect blend, and practiced babywearing. Now, it is time to stop doubting yourself and enjoy all the benefits that drew you into wearing your baby in the first place. Wrapping your baby creates a stronger bond, gives your little one comfort and security and has been shown to help babies learn quicker. Babywearing is great for parents too. Having your child close, allows you to learn more about them – like what makes them fussy – so you can learn to sooth them quicker and easier. Babywearing also gives parents the increased flexibility of being hands-free so that you can still do everything you used to, as well as care for your little one.

Life is filled with little moments of doubt, but do not let them get in the way of the special bond that babywearing can bring to motherhood. We are confident, with a determination, anyone can get over the babywearing learning curve.

Be sure to check out all the resources available in our DISCOVER section, and if you still have questions, we are always happy to answer any of your questions personally. Please send us an email to [email protected] and our customer care team will do our best to help you.

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