Summer babywearing is a convenient way for mothers to embark on outdoor adventures and sip lemonade by the pool with their loved ones. However, when the weather is hot, everyone is searching for ways to keep cool, especially babywearers. When you wear your baby in hot weather, your first concern will be keeping your child and yourself cool. Smart and comfortable hot weather babywearing is mainly a matter of choosing the right baby carrier and the right clothes for you and your child.

Here are some helpful tips for wearing your baby in summer.

Choosing the right summer carrier

The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is a year-round staple. It allows for ample airflow between the mother and child to ward off the heat. Our easy-to-use, lightweight Zeitgeist Baby Carriers crafted from jacquard woven fabric in cotton, linen and silk blends are particularly suitable for hot weather.

Cotton, linen and silk regulate heat wonderfully, due to their excellent breathable abilities. The perfect products for those hot summer days are our Zeitgeist Argus Oat, Zeitgeist Yin Yang Air and Zeitgeist Sky crafted from a high-quality linen and cotton blend. With these carriers, you can take your baby anywhere in hot temperatures. Lastly, wool or cashmere blends are attractive as well, because of their temperature-regulating qualities.

Picking the right summer babywearing outfit

For the child

To avoid overheating your child, consider the baby carrier as essentially one layer of clothing. The trick is to dress them lightly –  a thin layer of clothing is advisable to make your babywearing experience more comfortable for both of you.

For the parent or caregiver

It is advisable to not wear many layers. When the weather is hot, less is more. Mothers often find that natural fabrics like linen and cotton are comfortable and help avoid your warm, sweaty bodies from sticking together.

Other things you can do

In addition to choosing the right baby carrier and outfit, it is also important to check on your baby frequently to ensure they are not overheating. If it’s really a scorcher, drinking plenty of water, packing lightly, taking it slow and staying in the shade can help improve your summer babywearing experience. Do not forget to take the necessary precautions, like a sun hat and sunscreen for both yourself and your baby.

Last but not least, using a Zeitgeist Baby Carrier in summer can be a perfect way to feel stylish and flamboyant.

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