Returning a recently purchased product

Shipping outside EU borders

When returning a recently purchased product and shipping it outside EU borders, please make sure to discuss the following product characteristics with your courier:
  • Ensure that the product is marked at full (retail) value, as this is requested by law.
  • Provide the correct standardized HS-code. This is 6307.9098.99 for all Artipoppe products.
  • Clearly state that it is an ‘Unforeseen Return’.

Based on our experience, FedEx has the smoothest manner of handling returned products correctly.

Taxes & duties

When a product from outside the EU enters the Netherlands, two types of taxes are to be paid: VAT (21%) and Import Duties (varying %). VAT has to be paid in any case. For Import Duties there can be an exempt in the case of a product that was recently exported from the Netherlands and was not expected to be returned.

Artipoppe is willing to pay any VAT amount for a returned product as we can easily receive these amounts back from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Artipoppe is not willing to pay Import Duties. When a product is returned correctly we will not be asked to pay Import Duties by the Dutch Tax Authorities. When a product is not returned correctly, it remains the responsibility of the sender to either get it corrected or to pay the Import Duties.