Returning a recently purchased product

When returning a recently purchased product please make sure to take care of the following when shipping across EU borders:
– Mark the product at full (retail) value, as this is requested by law.
– Provide the correct standardised code (HS-code). For importing a babywrap or ring sling into Europe this is: 6307.9098.99

– Clearly state that it is an ‘Unforeseen Return’.

Based on our experience, Fedex has the smoothest mode of handling returned products correctly.

Artipoppe is willing to pay any VAT amount for a returned product as we can easily receive these amounts back from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Artipoppe is not willing to pay any Import Duties. When a product is returned correctly we will not be asked to pay Import Duties by the Dutch Tax Authorities. When a product is not returned correctly, it remains the responsibility of the sender to either get it corrected or to pay the Import Duties.

When a product from outside the EU enters the Netherlands, two types of taxes are to be paid. VAT (21%) and Import Duties (varying %). VAT has to be paid in any case, for Import Duties there can be an exempt in the case of a product that was recently exported from The Netherlands and was not expected to be returned.