Babywearing with a Newborn

As a mother prepares to welcome her precious little one into the world, babywearing is a topic that often arises during the research and preparation during pregnancy. Babywearing is incredibly helpful in integrating your newborn into daily life. You can interact with your baby throughout the day, breastfeed frequently, and still play with an older child and accomplish adult tasks. It is natural for a baby to be close to their mother and babies are generally happiest when being held.

Here is a guide to help new mothers maneuver in the world of babywearing with a newborn.

Why Babywearing for Newborns?

There are numerous benefits from babywearing, mainly that it makes life easier for both the mother and baby. Babywearing with a newborn is helpful for newborns as they often need to be, and thrive, when physically held. Babies with reflux or babies with colicky tendencies often take very well to babywearing. Read our Benefits of Babywearing article for more information.

Baby Carriers for Newborns – A Motherhood Essential

There are many different types of carriers on the market, like soft structured carriers, woven wraps, stretchy wraps and ring slings. In addition, there is a broad spectrum of fibres and blends used in products that cater to different climates and varying softness and weight preferences. The abundance of options on the market can make it a laborious choice for some to narrow down the best option for their unique situation. Artipoppe offers a wide range of woven wraps, ring slings and Zeitgeist baby carriers that can last from birth through toddlerhood. All Artipoppe products are designed in the Netherlands with the highest quality fibres and dyes so that you know your child has the best in comfort and quality.

Woven Wraps

Many new moms who decide to give woven wraps a try often fall in love with their beauty, quality, longevity and versatility.

Ring Slings

A ring sling is a great choice for a newborn; a motherhood essential. It is easy to use and quick to put your baby into or out of. While you can learn to nurse in any carrier, a ring sling is the easiest to learn in and quickest to “set up”. Ring slings are also very compact, making them a nice choice for an on-the-go carrier.

Zeitgeist Baby Carriers

Parents who prefer the Zeitgeist baby carriers are drawn to them for their ease of use and built-in support. You can hold your baby close on both your front or back (but not facing outwards), as well as be comforted by sturdy straps and buckles that are simple to adjust and get on and off.

Tips for Carrying a Newborn

Woven Wraps 

Most Moms who are new to wearing a newborn, start with the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) or single-layer carries. A front carry is generally recommended as it is very important that you keep your newborn in sight. A back carry is possible but it is very difficult with a small baby to create the right support and keep an eye on them.

Some mothers prefer to use a neck roll, where the wrap is rolled over to support the baby’s neck. However, some find a neck roll unnecessary if you wrap neatly and pull the wrap up high enough to ensure that the head is supported well. What is important is to make sure the neck roll is not adding any extra pressure on your baby’s neck. In our Babywearing Guide you can find more information about finding the right wrap in our Babywearing Journey FAQs and learning to Babywear with Confidence guide.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are great if you would like to nurse when babywearing, as slings are easy to adjust and reposition. At first it can be difficult to feel that a newborn is comfortable in a ring sling. It may seem that he or she is engulfed in all the fabric. You can try adjusting the strap to not only tighten the top but also the middle and bottom so the sling caresses their body. Placing a small folded blanket under the baby to raise him or her higher in the sling can also help. With a newborn, you wear your baby more centered on the front. As your baby gets heavier and has more neck and torso control, you can move the baby towards your hip. For more information on wearing a ring sling, view the step by step guide and tutorial on our instructions page.

Newborn Safety Tips

The most important points to remember is to keep the infant’s airway free and make sure their legs are in the ‘frog’ or ‘M’ position so that the knees are at the same height or higher than the hips. Some newsborns like to have their feet tucked under their bum, so some mothers do wrap their infant with their legs tucked inside as opposed to outside. Both are possible, as long as your baby is comfortable and in a ‘natural’ position. One of the most important things about wearing your newborn is to keep them in sight and ensure that the fabric passes provide enough support under their bum. It is much easier to monitor your newborn closely when he or she is on your front. Read more Safety Instructions. 

Newborn Babywearing

The beauty of babywearing is that it helps a newborn adjust to the outside world. It is natural for a baby to be close to their mother and babies are generally happiest when being held. Artipoppe baby carriers are designed with this beautiful relationship in mind. Remember that every mom and child relationship is different, choose a carry and routine that fits the two of you best. May your babywearing journey be as beautiful as the joy of motherhood.

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