As a mother prepares to welcome her baby into the world, babywearing is a topic that often arises during the research and preparation phase of pregnancy. It is natural for a baby to be close to their parents and babies are generally happiest when being held. Babywearing is a journey, and like all journeys, everyone’s is a little different. All Artipoppe baby carriers are suitable from newborn up to two years (3.2 kg / 7 lb – 20 kg / 45 lb). Here is a guide to help new mothers maneuver in the world of babywearing with a newborn.

Why babywearing for newborns?

Babywearing offers numerous benefits for both parent or caregiver and baby. It is an easy, accessible way to deeply bond with your child. True bonding with your baby includes skin-on-skin contact, so the baby feels warm and nurtured. Feeling the soft skin of their caretaker, smelling their familiar scent, and listening to their calming heartbeat.

Babywearing is also incredibly helpful in integrating your newborn into daily life and particularly well-suited for modern daily life as it helps you, as a caregiver, to keep your hands free to go about your desired day-to-day activities. Babies sleep most of the first six months of their life – with some exceptions. And because they are so light, you can easily take them anywhere. You can keep your baby close to your skin and heart and interact with your baby throughout the day while you can make your way in the physical realm without having to think twice about it.

Baby carriers for newborns

Artipoppe offers a wide range of Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps and Ring Slings, all suitable from newborn up to two years (3.2 kg / 7 lb – 20 kg / 45 lb). All Artipoppe products are designed in the Netherlands and handcrafted in Europe with the highest quality materials and blends to achieve the best comfort and quality.

Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is a classic comfortably structured baby carrier with a modern minimalistic design, crafted from jacquard woven, lightweight fabric. Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is newborn ready, has a personalized fit and is suitable for breastfeeding. Parents who prefer the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier are drawn to it for their ease of use and built-in support. Zeitgeist Baby Carriers can be used for a front carry facing in, front carry facing out or back carry promoting healthy body development for your baby. For newborns, carrying your baby facing in is the first and most ergonomic choice.

Baby Wrap

Many new moms who decide to give the soft and sturdy woven wraps a try often fall in love with their quality, longevity and versatility. Artipoppe’s Baby Wrap is suitable from newborn up to two years.

Ring Sling

Artipoppe’s Ring Sling is easy to use and quick to put your baby into or out of. Ring slings are also very compact, making them a nice choice for an on-the-go carrier.

Tips for carrying a newborn

Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier has padding and buckles built in for quick, simple assembly. The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is suitable for breastfeeding but we recommend to wait until you and your baby are well skilled in breastfeeding and your baby no longer needs his/her head to be supported. It is also possible to let your baby sleep in the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is equipped with a padded neck cushion that provides optimal neck support for your baby so he/she can fall asleep in a natural way. Please do always keep an eye on your baby to avoid any unnecessary risks. Please find all step-by-step image instructions here and video instructions here.

Baby Wrap

Baby Wraps are comfortable and durable and can be used for a variety of carrying positions such as front, back or hip carry. A front carry is generally recommended as it is very important that you keep your newborn in sight. Step-by-step image instructions for the front carry can be found here.

Ring Sling

The Ring Sling is a long piece of fabric with a pair of gold rings sewn to one end. Unlike the Baby Wrap, the Ring Sling is used to carry your child on one shoulder instead of both. The Ring Sling can be used for a hip carry and requires less practice compared to the Baby Wrap. Step-by-step image instructions can be found here.

Newborn safety tips

The most important points to remember is to keep your newborns airway free and make sure their legs are in the ‘M’ position so that the knees are at the same height or higher than the hips. One of the most important things about wearing your newborn is to keep them in sight and ensure that the fabric passes provide enough support under their bum.

If your baby was born with a low birth weight due to being premature or a twin, or if your baby has respiratory illness or other respiratory problems, you should always consult a professional about the best way to babywear.

All Artipoppe carriers come with an instructions brochure and image and video instructions can be found here. If you need personal assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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