Episode 17: Adriana Ayales

Adriana Ayales is a clinical herbalist, medicine maker, mother of two, and founder of Anima Mundi Herbals. She grew up in Costa Rica surrounded by healers where she also found her own intuitive voice through plants, later she started Anima Mundi Apothecary in Brooklyn, New York. We talk about the importance of bridging ancient remedies to the modern world and about protecting indigenous communities. She also speaks about motherhood, divine femininity and wellness, from getting a sweat on to sacred plants that are beneficial for pregnancy and postpartum and much more.


“Ancient medicine, medicine of the forests, has been suppressed for so long all over the world.” 

“It is so important to keep these ancient remedies alive. I’m happy to see that it is even trending, because we are on the last leg of having most of it lost. What we have now is not even the tip of the iceberg. It is important to keep the elders alive and happy in a sacred space so they can share their knowledge.” 


”From Central American practices, the remedy that is most commonly used specifically for childbirth is hibiscus. Midwives use it at the last stage of birth for the uterus to receive an influx of fresh new blood.”

“Mamas lose a lot of the sacred heat post-birth. Cinnamon is considered a restorer of that sacred, warm energy that we need to restore the uterus. One that is also very good post-birth is ginger; it helps with the shrinking process of the uterus.”

“Hardcore mineralizers such as nettle and moringa are what all pregnant women should focus on. I think that is key.” 

“Relaxing herbs are essential for pregnant women.”

“Going with the flow is extremely important. Herbs that assist relaxation are essential, and are also essential for your uterus. You don’t want your uterus to be contracted and antsy. You want it to be fully relaxed, fully in flow, in that process. For that, I love passionflower and chamomile.” 


“Stress is a killer for [breastfeeding]. Stress inhibits biological function on so many levels. Relaxing is fundamental to producing good milk. It is so important to use plant allies and meditations to help you relax. If you’re stressing out, it can dry up our production. If you don’t have access to specific plants and foods to support you, it’s really more in your mind than anything else.”

“Moringa helps with milk production, like a vitamin. There are serotonin boosters, like St. John’s Wort works on the blues. Milk thistle as well.”


“Find that holy center within yourself. Regardless of the chaos and fear and intensity of darkness that has been the last couple years on our planet. There is so much more to life than what we see through our phones, in the news. It is important to unplug from that and just enjoy the genuine presence and simplicity of existing and being and living now. Especially with your baby. That is life.”

“There is so much more to life than what is in front of our eyes…”

“Your baby is an extension of you so try to give them that part of you that is so sacred, your sanctuary, and transmit that to your beautiful creation. It is easy to get swallowed by all that is going on.”


“In the rainforest I feel more connected. Maybe because I am from here. To me, the energy is more alive. It feels like there are all these energies witnessing you.” 

“Moving back to Costa Rica, my home, this was what I needed to be to be the best mom. It’s so special to carve out the time to be with them in these early stages.”


“Divine femininity to me means the beautiful receptive nature of our biology and spirit. The part of us that receives, listens, contains the sacred sanctity that is our soul.”

“I see it as the space where we receive the transmission of life. The true underworld. The forest within. The mystic essence. A sacred part of us that contains the mystery that we were brought into and birthed from.”

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