Episode 15: Mayara Assis

Mayara Assis is a Brazilian-born and California-based, multifaceted healer and sacred sexuality expert. In this interview, she talks about how to tap into higher states of creativity through sexual energy, generational womb healing and heart orgasms. How rest can solve period cramps and how connecting to pleasure is a journey of honest conversations with yourself and your partner. She also discusses intimacy after childbirth and how to raise children with a healthy relationship to sexuality.


“The essence of sexual energy is to create. We can learn that we don’t only have to use that energy to create a baby, a life, or to create pleasure. We can channel this energy into our goals in life.” 

“The only kind of sex I want to have is sacred sex. Making the sexual experience like a meditative experience to help us heal and evolve.”

 “As we heal ourselves, connect with nature and our divine sacred sexuality, we heal the kids we have and don’t give much trauma to the kids we will have. They are not going to need to have all the issues we have. They will have more of a natural sexuality, connecting more with their hearts.” 


“As women we should love ourselves first. To know we are divine, powerful and valuable. That we are a prize. We need to build our own castle. We should live our own lives. And if any man wants to win this prize, they need to show that they deserve us, and will bring good things to our lives.” 

“When you masturbate it can become a ritual of self-love and not shame. Instead of masturbating and throwing the energy out, you can use it to envision the life you want, to bring it to your life.” 


“The main thing to understand about womb healing is that it is generational. We have our own traumas but we also have our mother’s, our grandmother’s and the feminine collective as whole. We have favored men for so long. With healing we can find our own power and voice.” 

“I healed my cramps through sexual healing.”

 “Working with our ovulation cycles is important. During the menstrual cycle it is a time to retract, go inwards, not make big plans, avoid having big conversations with our partner. Right after menstruation we are blossoming, that is a time to plant seeds.” 


“We have to know how to talk about sex. Men want to feel that they are the best. We are doing a disservice when we pretend that we are really loving it when we are not.  So we have to be honest but know how to talk about it. Make it more like an invitation instead of a complaint.”  

“You need to have moments of intimacy. If you don’t have intimacy, then how are you going to have the desire to have sex?” 

“It changes everything when you are consciously choosing to have a child and you are preparing for it.”


“The biggest way we can help our children connect with sexuality in a healthy way is by example. How we act and behave, how we dress. Also not thinking that kids are sub-human. Kids are smart. Depending on their age, bring up a conversation and be honest with them. Or bring up healthy examples of how people go through their lives in different ways and talk about the consequences.”

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