Zach Bush unveils the profound miracle of birth

Zach Bush is a medical doctor and spiritual teacher specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. His journey into the medical field began after witnessing women give birth in the Philippines. He is one of the most sought-after minds working to improve human and environmental health. We revisited his wisdom from The Artipoppe Podcast on the spiritual impact of birth, the health of mothers, and the divine support of Mother Earth. Furthermore, discover the analogy between soup and the cosmos in our Astrological Forecast for June.

On the power of birth
“Every birth I’ve seen continues to reaffirm the miraculous nature of life itself, and it never gets dull. I’ve never been at a birth where my mind isn’t blown at the possibility that life can come from within us – it’s really an extraordinary thing to witness. It’s easy to naturalize that in our minds as a process that everything on Earth undergoes, but the very origin of energy and life and everything that has captivated the minds of philosophers and theologians since the beginning of human thought is exemplified so well in the moment of birth.”

On birth as a touchpoint for the eternal
“Birth is a touchpoint in the human experience that brings us very near to witnessing the veil between our spiritual origin, or soul, and the coupling of that spiritual origin to these physical bodies. The marvel that happens in the moments of witnessing that baby come in – the alertness of an infant as they enter the world and how much they are absorbing in those first minutes of life – is so extraordinary. In death, we have a similar moment where the veil thins, and we transition from the physical body experience to the expansion of the soul in its second rebirth. It’s a critical touchstone for all of us.”

On mothers as the foundation of life
“In setting the foundation for these children being born, it becomes important to reduce mother-child stress pre-conception, during conception, during pregnancy, and in the first moments of life. This whole series of events gives us an opportunity to understand that a mother is the beginning of the child’s journey in a much deeper way than what we typically think of. The mother, in her best state, is an example of an organic garden with microbes in her skin, gut, and vaginal canal – she is teeming with life. That biodiversity and communication within her is the foundation of life for the child.

On the impact of stress on birth
“We now know that the genetics and genomic information of the microbes within the mother are inherited by the child as they take birth. If the mother goes into pre-conception and conception with increased stress due to the toxicity in the systems around her, this planetary stress is now embedded in the genomics of the child. So, when that child is born, not only are they lacking biodiversity due to substances such as antibiotics, herbicides, and glyphosate, but through these exposures, the mother is lacking the healthy biodiversity, or “soil,” for that child to be immersed in as they come into the world and take their first breath.”

On reuniting mothers with nature
“The solution to this lack of biodiversity is to get the mother back into nature at an early stage. Think of the body as an organic garden – it takes years to set healthy soil in motion. We need to start building that healthy soil into women at an early age. We need to embrace outdoor activities from a young age and build businesses where women have board meetings outside of the office – on hikes and in the woods. I’m eager to see us reinvent the environment around women to understand that we are all participating in the birth process at a very early time in the woman’s life, and we can embrace and improve this natural system within her before she moves into the opportunity to bear children.”

On your baby’s connection with nature
“Nature has a way of energetically interacting with us. We now know that plants emit communication through vibration. This is an extraordinary demonstration of the fact that we are energetically connected to the Earth around us. Let your baby listen to nature while in the womb. Bring your child near a tree, and your baby will pick up the infrared and ultraviolet waveforms being emitted from that plant. Nature can speak directly to your child through the abdominal wall and womb. Who wouldn’t want to be sung to by the trees? Nature is reaching out to your child before they are born.”

On the support of Mother Earth
“Mother Earth is here to support the birthing process for all animals. Our separation from the planet through technology and the artificial boundaries that occur in hospital rooms so far remove us from Mother Earth that she can no longer support birth. In that isolation, the mother not only experiences more pain but literally feels like she is going through the birth process alone. What you can do is walk as much as possible between contractions in your yard or in a park during early labor. Get barefoot and let Mother Earth talk to your baby and support you as you begin one of the most extraordinary and extreme experiences of your life. Make sure Mother Earth is part of that. Ask her to help bear the pain that might occur and pour her strength into you. I believe she will hear that request and honor it.”

On the power of skin-to-skin contact
“If breastmilk is not an option, you want skin-to-skin contact. The connection between the mother’s skin and the baby’s skin becomes even more critical without breastfeeding. You need the child to be informed by the mother’s skin. The child can also suckle on the mother’s breast after a bottle feed. This is an opportunity for the child’s gut flora to be informed by the mother’s microbiome. The microbiome of the vaginal canal dominates the child’s skin and gut flora in the first few months of life, but after a few months of breastfeeding or suckling on the breast, the child’s microbiome starts to reflect the mother’s skin more than the vaginal canal. This transition is a big part of developing the child’s adaptive immune system.”

On advice for parenthood
“I think the best parenting advice I can give is to surrender. Your children will learn far more if it’s not all from you. Expose your children to more diversity of belief and thought. Expose them to as many mentors as possible – it could be through sports, internships, or places of worship. Connect them with elders who are not necessarily family members. Surrender your child to a greater environment of influence and mentorship. And don’t forget the trees – I had my kids out in nature as part of their daily routine.”

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Astrological Forecast June 2023

Artwork by @_kallenmikel

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeño

“Everything is energy, and energy is all there is.”

After a few challenging months of intense transformational processes, breakthroughs (April), and moving forward with the choices made (May), a period of integration through communication now begins (June). We will begin to see that everything is energy and discover that, on a vibrational level, we can communicate with ourselves and everything around us. The entire universe and everything within it form a sort of communication “soup.” There are steady elements in the soup, like broth and vegetables, and less steady elements, like the temperature. The soup is tasty and healthy when all elements are in balance. When there is too much or too little of an ingredient, an imbalance occurs, and the body informs us by perceiving the taste as off or becoming sick. Our bodies are like the soup – everything in us is communicating to keep the body functioning. Our cells, atoms, nervous system, immune system, and organs work together to make sure the body stays in balance. A balanced body is a healthy body. An imbalance will cause a disruption in communication, leading to a state of disease. This is what has happened on Earth. Humans have subconsciously disrupted communication through the extraction of resources and addition of harmful substances. Every element within the universe carries the responsibility to communicate and help form an optimal, balanced, healthy environment.

We have disrupted communication within the planet by creating things without listening to nature, and this has caused a tremendous imbalance. On a personal level, we have done the same to our bodies and spirits. By learning to communicate with ourselves and our environment, we can restore balance within both. The planetary positions during the month of June support this process. Be open to communicating with the deeper parts of your body, soul, nature, the planet, and the entire universe.

On May 21, the sun entered Gemini on the first degree and formed a sextile with Mars in Leo and a trine with Pluto in Aquarius, while Mars and Pluto simultaneously created an opposition on the first degree. This means we will have more “mental working memory” available to process personal and collective transformational processes. Because of this, we can better integrate these processes into our consciousness. Pluto in Aquarius retrograde will help us understand these internal processes more easily. The rules of the age of Aquarius will become clearer, and this will help us apply them in a more practical manner.

The realization that everything is energy will help us depend less on the material aspects of life. This doesn’t mean material aspects are unimportant – it only means they are not primary within the “cosmic food chain.” It is all about the energy and spirit behind the creation of material constructs. Matter created without spirit and energy is cosmically dead and will contribute to imbalance because it lacks optimal communication with the whole. This is what humanity will consciously or subconsciously start realizing. It is one of the most important aspects Pluto in Aquarius will bring to humanity. Gemini energy will give our mental powers a cosmic boost, helping internalize these essential laws and start applying them to our lives instantly.

Use the month of June to choose clarity and study yourself. Take time to renew your personality and outlook on the world. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 4 will create an opening for us all to renew our vision on everything we know. Realize that we find ourselves in a very interesting time that will forever change our views on life and offer the chance to restore balance – both internally and externally – if we want it. Peace!

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