Poetry is a love language

“From Rumi to Rupi Kaur, I have always loved the beauty of poetry. When I traveled to the South of France this summer to meet with Anh Wisle, I was humbled by Anh’s talent for poetry. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I asked Anh to write a poem about the love of her life, Jim. I’d like to encourage you to do the same this month, and would love it if you shared the result with me. Whether it is for a loved one, past, present or future, or dedicated to yourself, I invite you to pick up your pen and create from the heart. I can’t wait to read your stories. Furthermore, I have some good news about your New Year’s resolutions. According to the astronomical calendar the new year hasn’t started yet. Find out more in our astrological forecast.”

Anna van den Bogert, founder.

By Anh Wisle.

How I love watching the days go by,
The months and the years by your side.

Since I met you,
My heart beats rhythms
I yet don’t know.

To explore.
To transform.
To transcend love.

Taking the lead, getting ahead of the night.

To build together,
Brick after brick, the echo of our hearts.

I love you deeply.
Because you live in me, with me,
Through everything my breath touches. 

Our Union is the river on which the floods have calmed down.

Age following in our footsteps.

To the time the trees are in bloom,
To the heat of a burning summer,
To the rustling sound of falling leaves,
And winter getting lost in the wind.

The dance of the seasons.
A new breath.

Only you and I remain,
Only you and I remain.

Astrological Forecast February 2023

Artwork by @_kallenmikel.

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeño

The first month of the year has almost passed and we might have almost forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever wondered how our year count started? And do you realize it is a system conceived by humans, a system that is not waterproof, because we need leap years to align our calendar with the Sun, so that our ‘calendar spring’ will always run parallel to the astronomical spring? Otherwise, Easter, for example, would gradually shift which would cause us to eventually do an Easter egg hunt on the shortest day of the year. For many people across the world the new year starts on a completely different day, because humanity, largely based on religious events, follows different calendar systems. But how exactly does it work with New Year’s resolutions? Can’t you just always have them? Or do they carry more meaning if we align them to a new calendar year? And which calendar should we be using to make them as powerful as possible? If you do a bit of research on the origins of the year count, you will discover that much about what should really be the first day of the year, is unclear. Throughout the centuries, views have changed repeatedly and currently the so-called ‘Gregorian calendar’, based on the Christian year count, is used in most parts of the world.

However, not a calendar but the Sun rules our seasons and it does so with mathematical precision. This astrological prognosis is therefore based on the Sun. The Sun walks into the first Zodiac sign (Aries) on the first day of Spring on March 20, 2023.

For us, the new year starts on this exact day. The good news is that you still have some weeks left to focus on your good intentions and resolutions and think about the ones that really matter. Because, from an astrological perspective, March 20 is the perfect day to start with a clean slate. Right now, the Sun is in Aquarius, and in a larger astrological cycle, we are at the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Hence, a lot of ‘Aquarius energy’ is available to mankind now. Aquarius energy brings us innovation and groundbreaking mental power, but also creativity, innovation and inventiveness. Perfect tools to keep renewing ourselves. Teach yourself to think in possibilities and see your ‘limitations’ as a challenge to upgrade your consciousness.

Aquarius energy works most in our favor if we set goals for the future in full surrender, without connecting them to an outcome. Aquarius offers a creative stream of manifestation that can be inhibited by being overly result-oriented. For us humans, setting goals without expectations is something totally novel. To connect to this energy, you can try to feel the difference between the following words: searching for something, and finding it, listening and really hearing, watching and really seeing. By truly processing this, you will start to realize these coming weeks that it’s much easier to achieve your goals without an intended outcome. Through reflection, you will get to know the energy and learn to collaborate with it. If it suits you, choose to develop your cosmic wisdom and spiritual intelligence. If we humans use our spiritual intelligence correctly, we can achieve anything we want as the universe offers unlimited possibilities. Get to know the laws of the universe and make creativity and inventiveness your sidekicks in developing the realization that your future self needs to be able to grow. And then, let the cosmos help you unlock this potential. Don’t limit yourself. Renew your truth, act crazy when you want to and let yourself be guided by the passion of your soul. Be wild, be genuine, dance with your fears and let experience be your teacher. Because you are the one who creates your life.

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Self-portrait of Anh Wisle and Jim Rosemberg.

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It’s what moves us, carries us, motivates us, forms us and ultimately, it’s the only thing that truly matters. Love. This month, to celebrate love, we invite you to indulge your inner romantic and share your message of love. To a loved one, past, present or future, or dedicated to yourself.

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