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Poetry is a love language

“From Rumi to Rupi Kaur, I have always loved the beauty of poetry. When I traveled to the South of France this summer to meet with Anh Wisle, I was humbled by Anh’s talent for poetry. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I asked Anh to write a poem about the love of her life, Jim. I’d like to encourage you to do the same this month, and would love it if you shared the result with me. Whether it is for a loved one, past, present or future, or dedicated to yourself, I invite you to pick up your pen and create from the heart. I can’t wait to read your stories. Furthermore, I have some good news about your New Year’s resolutions. According to the astronomical calendar the new year hasn’t started yet. Find out more in our astrological forecast.”

Anna van den Bogert, founder.

By Anh Wisle.

How I love watching the days go by,
The months and the years by your side.

Since I met you,
My heart beats rhythms
I yet don’t know.

To explore.
To transform.
To transcend love.

Taking the lead, getting ahead of the night.

To build together,
Brick after brick, the echo of our hearts.

I love you deeply.
Because you live in me, with me,
Through everything my breath touches. 

Our Union is the river on which the floods have calmed down.

Age following in our footsteps.

To the time the trees are in bloom,
To the heat of a burning summer,
To the rustling sound of falling leaves,
And winter getting lost in the wind.

The dance of the seasons.
A new breath.

Only you and I remain,
Only you and I remain.

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