Meet the Founder of Artipoppe

Anna van den Bogert created Artipoppe in 2012 after the birth of her second child, born from a desire to remember the future and connect back to the heritage of organic motherhood. Now a mother of four, Anna allows us into her inner world, unveiling the genesis of Artipoppe, her perspective of The New Motherhood, her personal spiritual practices, and how she cultivates a sense of sovereignty alongside a connection with the collective. Furthermore, an Astrological Forecast for September, explaining how the essence of manifestation is rooted in our beliefs and choices.

How was Artipoppe born? 
“Artipoppe was born from the desire to positively impact motherhood worldwide by inspiring a sense of empowerment among mothers. This vision took shape in the form of a baby carrier, designed to foster a deep connection between a mother and child while also offering the freedom to express individual beauty and style.”

Describe what The New Motherhood feels like.  
“The concept of The New Motherhood embodies a belief system that empowers women to trust their instincts and have faith in their inherent ability to shape and define the kind of motherhood they desire. It stands as a testament to the idea that external influences should not dictate the path, allowing each woman the freedom to choose and craft her own unique journey of motherhood.”

How has your personal motherhood journey influenced the vision of Artipoppe?  
“Becoming a mother opened me up to a whole new level of consciousness. I have always experienced a feeling that things just don’t add up in our world. The realm of motherhood unveiled a new understanding of reality, illuminating the truth that as women, we’re stuck within a system that lacks harmony and presents challenges to grasping the organic nature of motherhood. I created Artipoppe as a vehicle to drive change and guide mothers back to a renewed sense of trust in their autonomous self.”

What kind of impact do you hope to facilitate in the lives of mothers?
“I sincerely hope to facilitate the opportunity for women to connect with their innate power and freedom within motherhood and beyond.” 

Can you share an experience that deeply touched your heart and reaffirmed your commitment to Artipoppe? 
“Artipoppe is my playground, and whenever I witness another human engage with this space and take what resonates with them, I am deeply touched.”

What practices help you find harmony in being a mother, partner, woman, entrepreneur, and an autonomous being all at once?   
“I view these identities as interconnected roles to be embraced simultaneously. Water is an essential element for alleviating stress in my life. Whether through consuming it, immersing myself within it, meditating beside it, or spending time in the bath or shower, water helps me integrate my life experiences. I have an innate trust that everything is naturally aligning for the highest good; my main practice revolves around the concept of “remembering the future.”

How do you find inspiration and stay connected to your sense of purpose in life?  
“By surrendering to the fact that change is the only constant we have in this world. I am driven to continually evolve into a better version of myself, and I consider everything that happens in life as a lesson.” 

Reflecting on your own growth and evolution, what are you most proud of?  
“My inner fire that fuels ongoing transformation.”

When do you feel most alive? 
“When I feel deep emotions!”

What is the greatest teaching you have learned from nature? 
“To just be.”

What is your greatest hope for your children? 
“That they discover their sovereignty and use it as a roadmap to their highest timeline.”

What is your greatest hope for our world?
“I believe hope stands between our current perception and the reality we aspire to see. I choose to embrace the belief that a harmonious version of Earth awaits, urging us to recognize its presence and step into its manifestation.”

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