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An energetic forecast for 2024

Dive into the cosmic currents of 2024 and discover the transformative energies that shape the year ahead. A time to uncover hidden societal constructs, rediscover ancient wisdom, and embrace the power to co-create a harmonious world.

By Christiano Greve Ormeño and Anna van den Bogert.

All our astrological forecasts this year have focused on the concept of ‘everything is energy and energy is all there is.’ For many of us, this concept has become very real in the past year. Substantial trials have led to new insights, deepening a collective consciousness that everything is connected. As a result, many of us have personally rediscovered that we are part of a whole—a discovery that brings about significant changes in how we view life. External events will become less and less important, but at the same time, they will hold tremendous value.

The moment we realize every intense event is actually a lesson with unlimited growth possibilities, we suddenly learn to work with the information available to us, instead of judging the event itself and ignoring the information. We have become accustomed to a victim-victimizer reality, in which we tend to point to a victim (the situation happens to you) and a victimizer (the one causing the situation) for every event, big or small. As long as we don’t sufficiently realize that we influence all that we attract, we think in terms of polarities. We form substantial energy patterns in a world of energy. Our energy patterns can start to match those of others, and events arise from that process. Now it’s time to manage our energy patterns and become creators of our reality.

Behind every material construct lies an energy pattern as well. As long as our focus remains on material constructs, there’s a chance that we start to think in terms of shortage. As soon as we focus on the underlying energy patterns, that thinking will change rapidly. Thinking we never have enough has caused so much greed and imbalance all over the world. Begin to manage your reality by matching your energy patterns with what you need in your purest form, and you will never experience shortage again.

From a cosmic point of view, the year 2024 will bring a split in perception. Different fields of experience on our planet are happening simultaneously. Your position in personal development determines which energy field is available to you. That way, you can continue to develop within your own energy field without distraction from other fields. An essential realization is that different fields of energy exist, and the choices we make determine our energy field. To create an optimal energy field, it’s essential to make choices that resonate with the purest parts of our consciousness. Focus on your personal energy pattern, try to see where you still think from a place of shortage, and rise above that mentality. Personal healing is essential to unlock your cosmic memory and truly realize who you are and what your true task here on earth is because the earth is not the only reality in our universe.

At the end of January, Pluto will enter Aquarius, staying there until the end of September before briefly returning to Capricorn. Towards the end of 2024, Pluto will enter Aquarius for the next fifteen years. Pluto will uncover many hidden societal constructs, awakening us and showing us how everything is really put together. On the scientific field, we will rediscover hidden cosmic wisdom and a few mathematical and physical formulas that will forever change the way we view ourselves and life. Despite the many barriers we will come across, this development can’t be stopped anymore.

Next to worldwide conflicts, a sort of brotherhood between people grows. They might seem very different at first glance, but remember that they are all connected with each other. The original cosmic laws will become of practical use again, and a good future lies ahead of us.

First, we get to separate the wheat from the chaff, to truly see and break away from patterns no longer serving us. We humans are powerful and multidimensional beings in a cosmic game we can only play optimally if we discover and acknowledge who we truly are, making choices that serve the whole. The path to a better world is paved through co-creation.

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