10 tips for travelling with a baby

For the past eight years Elayna Carausu has been sailing the world with yacht La Vagabonde, boyfriend Riley and sons Lenny (3) and Darwin (1). We interviewed her about her experiences and share her tips for traveling with a baby.

1. Less is more
The biggest thing I’ve learned is to pack light during travels, also with kids. You don’t need too many clothes either when traveling in summer. Plus, there’s washing machines everywhere.

2. Entertain during transits
Make the transition as easy as can be, because getting from A to B is the hardest part of traveling with a baby. I always bring stickers and other toys that keep my one-year-old entertained and I surprise him halfway through the trip or if I see him getting frustrated. It always works.

3. Try to be flexible with sleeping habits
Try to train young kids to sleep anywhere, any time of day. We’ve always just taken our kids along with us and they fall asleep anywhere: in a stroller, in someone’s arms, in a room full of people and loud noises, in an Uber. It’s a blessing, having them be so flexible with sleeping habits while traveling.

4. Prepare for all kinds of scenarios to feel more relaxed
When I don’t feel prepared for something I get the feeling of stress or mild anxiety. It helps to run through scenarios in my head so that if something happens with the kids, here’s what we’d do. We always have a plan in mind even-though you don’t necessarily want to think about them. If you do, you can let it go.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
What surprised me most when we started to travel with babies is how much people love babies. They have allowed us to skip lines and massive queues. People are so willing to help when you have kids and I wouldn’t be afraid to ask either.

6. Feel no shame around breastfeeding 
Feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. I just do it wherever, and never felt any shame. I’ve definitely gotten some stares but it’s so important for you to breastfeed wherever you want and for as long as feels comfortable for you and your baby.

7. Learn to laugh
Don’t be fooled by what you see on Instagram, because traveling with a baby is definitely not easy. But it’s worth it. Deal with moments of chaos and kids having tantrums by learning to laugh.

8. Try to find a community
Traveling has taught me how important it is for kids to be around kids their age. Kids learn from other kids so it’s important to create a sense of community. We try to find that wherever we are. Even when you’re traveling, you can always find a community.

9. Make space for your own identity
When traveling with the family, it is important to protect your me-time, and create space for the things that we like to do for ourselves. For Riley it is going for a run, for me it is listening to podcasts. Allowing each other to take that moment and step back for a bit to connect to yourself.

10. Realize that it’s all worth it
It takes some serious mental power to handle two little boys who love to climb things on board of a yacht. It’s a constant, full-on, 24-hour thing. During the passage you often wonder why you’re doing it. But by the end of it, when you’ve traveled so far and get to the new place, you feel blissful. There’s this great feeling of achievement and pride that makes it all worth it.

Astrological Forecast August 2022

Artwork by @_kallenmikel

Dare To Be Your Own Guru

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeño.

Last month’s topic was strengthening the connection with yourself, others and your surroundings while developing the emotional discernment to stay close to yourself. August’s energy will encourage you to face and recognize your authenticity. This is a process that requires you to surrender, despite the emotional resistance you perceive if you start to live up to who you truly are.

You’re now given the opportunity to activate this unique part of yourself that only you can do. With the intention to use that power to establish your true self and to harmonize your surroundings. Elements of fire and air are prominently represented during this period to guide you with clear insights and moments of spontaneous transformation. August is also the month to push yourself beyond your limits. The chance to achieve genius breakthroughs is very present, on a personal as well as on a social level.

Babywearing in Summer

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