Legal & Privacy Statement

Artipoppe B.V., established in the Netherlands, identified by Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number 57904758 (‘Artipoppe’), owns all rights, titles and interests to the websites and (‘The Websites’). Please read the General Terms & Conditions of Artipoppe here.


The Websites contain information protected by intellectual property rights in force. Intellectual property rights concerning documents included on The Websites and any item(s) created for The Websites are the sole property of Artipoppe. Artipoppe does not grant any licence or any right other than the right to consult The Websites. No parts of The Websites may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any manner whatsoever, except for personal and private use, without the prior written consent of Artipoppe. This prohibition also includes framing any content from The Websites and unauthorized linking.

Artipoppe creations are protected by the Dutch Law. As such, they are also protected by Community Law and International Law. The use of our products or part of our products to establish derivative work for commercial exploitation is not allowed. We understand that derivative works regarding babywearing products are being made. Until further notice we will allow ONLY the following products to be made, and sold ONLY under the following conditions:

Products that we allow:
– Baby wrap conversion baby and toddler carriers
– Ring slings

Under the conditions:
A) The trademark Artipoppe cannot be used on the products or in reference to the products.
B) The Artipoppe branded labels must be removed from the derivative work.
The above condition B does not apply to babywearing products that are being made before January 15th 2016.

Any derivative work that does not reasonably fit into one of the above mentioned product categories is not allowed and will be considered a copyright or trademark infringement.

Derivative work that is made only with the intent of personal use by the maker and not shown to others outside the regular family circle is allowed. Please note that Facebook groups, public Facebook posts, Etsy business pages, personal and/or business websites, and blogs are not considered regular family circles.

We believe that despite good intentions, derivative work can be harmful to the Artipoppe brand. We are within our right to claim the law of Derivative Works in order to protect our reputation and quality. After January 15th 2016, when purchasing an Artipoppe product, challenging this statement or creating a derivative work, you are waiving your right to choose jurisdiction regarding this matter and are consenting to jurisdiction in the appropriate Dutch venue.

Artipoppe reserves the right to change the above conditions at any time she deems appropriate without prior notice.

Limitation on liability

Use of and browsing on The Websites is at your own risk. Artipoppe endeavours to ensure, as far as possible, that the information published on The Websites is accurate and up to date. Artipoppe also reserves the right to correct or change the content at any time without notice. However, Artipoppe cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or comprehensive nature of the information made available on The Websites. Artipoppe is not bound by any error or mistake in prices or other information that is presented on The Websites.

Artipoppe shall not be liable:
— For any unavailability of The Websites;
— For occurrence of any errors;
— For any inaccuracy or incompleteness relating to information available on The Websites;
— For any damage resulting from interference by a third party leading to a modification of the information made available on The Websites or any inability to access The Websites.


Personal data is processed  through The Websites. Artipoppe values the privacy of her visitors and customers and observes due care in processing and protecting personal data. Artipoppe processes data in compliance with the requirements laid down by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (DPDA/GDPR) also known as the Algemene Verordering Persoonsgegevens (AVG). In this privacy statement, Artipoppe would like to explain exactly what is done with visitors’ and customers’ personal data and why this is done. In addition, Artipoppe would like to provide information on what one’s rights are regarding the processing of personal data. Therefore, it is recommended that one reads this statement carefully. This privacy statement was last amended on August 6th 2021.

Personal data

Artipoppe will process visitors’ and customers’ personal data because these groups use services on The Websites. Please find below an overview of examples of the personal data that we process:

— First name and surname
— Gender
— Address, zip code and place of residence
— Telephone number
— Email address
— Financial data (e.g., bank account number(s), debt(s), invoice(s))
— VAT number
— Other personal data that one actively provides (e.g., via correspondence by email or otherwise)

We do not process special and/or sensitive personal data.

Storage & protection

‘Artipoppe B.V., Nieuwe Rijksweg 66C Lexmond, The Netherlands’ is the official entity that is responsible for the storage and protection of personal data. We do not sell visitors’ and customers’ personal data to third parties.

Storage duration

Artipoppe will store and retain personal data no longer than strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected. If one did not complete any purchase for a period of 60 months, one’s data will be deleted from Artipoppe’s databases.

Security measures

Artipoppe takes the protection of visitors’ and customers’ personal data very seriously and takes suitable measures for the prevention of abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publication and unauthorised change. We do keep statistics on The Websites, such as visitors’ county of origin, but these are kept secured and strictly anonymous at all times. If you are under the impression that your data is not properly secured, or if there are indications of abuse, please contact us at [email protected].

Cookies & analytics

Artipoppe uses cookies to optimize the user-friendly navigation and usage of The Websites. Cookies are small files with textual information that are stored on one’s harddrive while one visits websites. Artipoppe requires cookies to identify and authorize visitors and customers after successful registration in the protected area for the full duration of their visit. In addition, cookies also serve as a tracking mechanism for detecting visitors’ and customers’ preferences. This helps Artipoppe to better customize her content to one’s needs and/or to improve personal offers.
Artipoppe uses cookies inter alia to store information on one’s choice of country the first time one visits The Websites. This prevents the visitor from having to choose a country each time he/she visits The Websites, and it enables him/her to see prices in the preferred currency. In addition, cookies enable Artipoppe to see whether one has visited The Websites before.
Cookies are also used to improve visitors’ experience of The Websites. Artipoppe uses third-party cookies to collect statistics in analysis tools such as Google Analytics and to market relevant products on platforms such as Facebook. One may object to the use of the retargeting and/or remarketing feature by accessing the third party providers’ cookie opt-out pages.
Cookies never allow Artipoppe to identify users. A visitor or customer can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If one rejects cookies one may still use our site, but one’s ability to use some features or areas of our site may be limited.

Processing outside the EU

Artipoppe is an organization with activities that may cross geographical borders. With regard to the worldwide nature of Artipoppe’s services, personal data can be forwarded to, used, saved, and otherwise processed in countries other than the country in which the information was acquired. Artipoppe will, in all events, ensure an appropriate level of protection by means of the standard EU agreements and/or licences.

Reasons for data collection

Artipoppe processes visitors’ and customers’ personal data in the context of her business operations and provision of service for purposes such as, but not limited to, the following:

— To execute and handle orders.
— To process payments.
— To send out notifications of e.g., new products, events, or offers. One will only receive these notifications if one has explicitly informed Artipoppe or given consent that he/she would like to receive these messages.
— To send out the Artipoppe Newsletter.
— To communicate via email or telephone if necessary for the provision of essential services.
— To inform about changes in Artipoppe’s services.
— To provide services.
— To use for tax returns or to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceedings, court orders, or legal processes served on The Websites, if Artipoppe is required to do this by law.

Artipoppe bases its processing on the following grounds:

— For the performance of the agreement: In the context of Artipoppe’s provision of services and entering into agreements, Artipoppe collects and uses personal data necessary for making an offer, for the coming into effect, and for the execution of the agreement.
— Statutory obligation: Processing of personal data may be necessary for the fulfilment of statutory obligations.
— Justified interest: Collection and use of specific personal data may be necessary for the implementation of business interests and business operations. Examples include commercial purposes such as offering services that can be of interest to someone, or related to market research for the improvement of services.
— Permission: Artipoppe may process personal data on the basis of permission. However, one is always free to withhold or to withdraw one’s permission. The performance of the agreement or execution of the provision of service may become impossible in that case.

Data subject rights

One has the right to view, correct or remove one’s personal data. If a visitor has registered for an Account on, he/she will be able to access, modify and erase personal data by signing in and visiting the My Personal Information section in Account. In addition, one has the right to withdraw one’s permission for the processing of personal data, or to object to the processing of personal data by Artipoppe.
In addition, one has the right to data portability meaning one can submit a request to Artipoppe to forward the personal data in her possession by means of a computer file or to another organisation as desired. One can send a request for access, correction, removal, or data transfer of your personal data, or a request for withdrawal of one’s permission or objection to the processing of one’s personal data to [email protected]. Artipoppe requests that one encloses a copy of one’s identity document along with the request. This allows Artipoppe to ensure the request for access is rightfully made. Please make sure to remove the photo, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone, the strip at the bottom of the pages of your passport with numbers), document number and the citizen service number number (in Dutch BSN) from the identity document for privacy protection. Finally, one has the right to submit a complaint to the Privacy Supervisory Authority, i.e., the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
Artipoppe will respond to requests as quickly as possible and in any event within four weeks. If there are any questions, complaints or ideas regarding the processing of personal data by Artipoppe, please contact us at [email protected].

Unsubscribing from newsletters & notifications

If you no longer wish to receive the Artipoppe Newsletter, other emails and/or text messages that relate to specific Artipoppe products, you can unsubscribe as indicated in the particular communication by using the unsubscribe link which is included at the bottom of all newsletters and other emails. If you need personal assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

Privacy statement changes

Artipoppe reserves the right to modify this statement. It is recommended that one reviews this statement regularly so one remains informed of any changes.

Artipoppe has hereby attempted to provide the best possible overview of the personal data that we process for visitors’ and customers’ benefits, subject to stating the purposes and legal bases. However, Artipoppe realizes that it is impossible to do this completely and fully as unforeseen purposes, whereby personal data must be processed, may play a role in the future. However, Artipoppe wishes to emphasize that in such cases she will continue to deal meticulously and carefully with visitors’ and customers’ personal data.