Astrological Forecast September 2023

By Christiano Greve Ormeño and Anna van den Bogert

In last month’s forecast, we explored the synergy between Leo’s vibrant creative energy and Aquarius’ innovative spirit, offering an opportunity for deep rejuvenation through the acknowledgment of karmic lessons. This helped us identify areas in life where our decisions emanate from fear and self-imposed limitations. As we transition into September, this chance for renewal continues.

The theme of renewal currently resonates deeply with humanity, largely due to the underlying subconscious fear of it. The unease concerning innovation often stems from the misconception that embracing novelty requires releasing control. It’s important to remember that everything, in its essence, is energy in various manifestations. Whether a fleeting thought, a strong emotion, a physical body, a house, or a car — all are embodiments of energy. The universe’s intricate tapestry interlaces these energies harmoniously.

At the core of existence are small building blocks that create the fabric of reality. These building blocks arrange themselves in various forms — a foundational blueprint that makes up the sky’s expanse, the composition of dust, the liquidity of water, and the solidity of metal and stone. Beyond our perception, more subtle constructs also create the fabric of reality, encompassing our thoughts, languages, and emotions. Often unnoticed, beliefs arising from these mental and emotional realms have a profound influence over other forms.

What we often fail to realize is that our beliefs impact outcomes. If we anticipate failure, it tends to materialize; if we doubt our capabilities, achievement becomes difficult. Our perception of thoughts and emotions is the foundation for their transformation into reality. The seemingly simple act of choosing a thought or emotion manifests as a pivotal step in shaping reality. This process illustrates the interdependence of all things.

With this realization, we can understand how a single thought, nurtured and accepted, could manifest into a physical entity — be it a car, a loved one, a house, or even notions more complex such as peace, war, and unity. The power lies in our discernment, as the world is constructed based on our perceived truths that create tangible repercussions.

Negative thoughts can birth undesired circumstances if allowed to solidify through belief. Our perceived realities ripple outward, as every choice echoes through the cosmic web. The laws of cause and effect reign supreme. Herein lies the truth: energy transforms continuously, and we are conduits of this transformation. Humans embody a unique facet, encompassing multidimensionality — thoughts intertwined with a physical presence — granting us the power to manifest desires, as long as we are conscious of this truth.

Yet, in a state of disconnectedness, the fear of innovation prevails. We have lost faith that we have control over our own creation. We must remember our innate creative power, guiding it away from destructive, chaotic manifestations. The harmony of Earth exists through organized energy; turmoil thrives where innovation falters, leaving only fragmented blocks.

Every human is free to either construct or dismantle, but such a decision requires an understanding of how the universe works. This Astrological Forecast is more than a translation of cosmic energy. It serves as an invitation to remember the principles of creation and innovation. The choice to build or dismantle rests in our hands. The power of our beliefs should never be underestimated. Observe the world, asking yourself if what is portrayed as the truth aligns with your inner truth. We have the power to shape our surroundings, from the small to the monumental. And so it is.

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