Front carry facing out

You can use the front carry facing out from 6 months onwards by using the cushy, padded insert that comes standard with every Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. This guide provides step-by-step image instructions on how to use the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier on your front facing out.


Fold the neck cushion down on the outside of the carrier.


Attach the neck cushion with the button holes to the gold finished buttons at both sides.


Turn the carrier around and pick up your facing out insert.

Read more about the facing out insert here.


Place the insert’s elastic loops over the female buckles at both sides of the carrier’s body panel.


Pull both female buckles outwards to make sure the insert is secured. The insert narrows the body panel so your child’s arms can easily wrap around the carrier and supports your child’s chest.


Position the waist belt with the warning label facing inwards centered on your body.


Take the male buckle (including extra strap length) through the elastic safety loop. Secure the waist belt by fastening the buckle until it clicks.


The waist belt should be properly tightened by pulling on the adjustable black strap until it sits tightly above the hips. Tuck the excess lengths of the black strap in the storage loop.


Pick up your child and position him/her facing out above the center of the waist belt.


Use your right arm to support your child while using the other arm to lift up the body panel.


Use your right hand to hold up the right shoulder strap while using your left hand to pull up the left shoulder strap.


While supporting your child with your right arm underneath his/her right leg, pull the right shoulder strap across your back towards the left side of the body panel.


Take the entire male buckle of the right shoulder strap (including extra strap length) through the elastic safety loop attached to the female buckle on the left side of the body panel.


Feed the male buckle of the right shoulder strap into the female buckle on the left side of the body panel until it clicks.


Gently tighten the side strap while supporting your child’s chest. Repeat with the left shoulder strap.


Ensure your child’s back is slightly rounded while sitting in the carrier and his/her bottom is lower than his/her knees. Your child’s arms should be able to stick out comfortably on the sides. You and your child are now ready to go. When facing out your child can easily become overstimulated, therefore we recommend to limit carrying your child in this position to 15 minutes at a time.