March 7, 2022. Artipoppe introduces the possibility to wear your baby facing out in the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. Drawing from long-held values of freedom and exploration, a complimentary insert was created that enables the front carry facing out while ensuring an ergonomic position for your baby.

The facing out insert

The insert is automatically included with every Zeitgeist Baby Carrier purchased from today onwards. The cushy, padded insert can be easily attached on the inside of the carrier, narrowing the body panel so your baby’s arms can wrap around it. The insert also provides extra support to your baby’s chest so as not to impair his/her comfort.


Visit the Instructions section for Step-by-step Image Instructions and Video Instructions on how to use the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier on your front facing out. Please note that carrying your baby facing in is the first and most ergonomic choice, as it guarantees an optimal spine curve that is needed for healthy body development. If you wish to let your baby explore his/her surroundings more through facing out, only use the front carry facing out from 6 months onwards and for 15 minutes at a time to avoid overstimulation. Your baby must face towards you until he/she is able to hold his/her head upright.

I already have a Zeitgeist Baby Carrier without the insert

If you purchased a Zeitgeist Baby Carrier before March 7 2022, Artipoppe offers the possibility to purchase the insert separately here. The insert comes in a wide range of designs, fully tailored to the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier collection. A neutral version in black is offered in case your preferred design is not available.

If you have any questions about the front carry facing out or need help completing your order, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].