Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps and Ring Slings

The world of babywearing has boomed in recent years. Today, parents are recognizing not only the health benefits of babywearing but also embracing it as the lifesaver of early motherhood. The beautiful ways carriers can make a fashion statement have made it a must-have accessory in the repertoire of fashionable mothers worldwide. At Artipoppe, we are creating the world’s leading quality Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps and Ring Slings in stunning bespoke fabrics and blends that exemplify babywearing as the beneficial yet vogue parenting choice of today.

Navigating which kind of babywearing item will work best for your family and lifestyle can be a difficult decision for first timers or parents who want to try something new. There’s the traditional woven Baby Wrap that is famous for versatility, the Ring Sling that is a stylish favorite, and our most popular in the collection – the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. In this guide, we will explore the ultimate fashion accessory for parenthood in all three styles.

Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

The benefits: easy, fast and simple and the most fashionable baby carrier in the world

Our most popular item in the collection is the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. Unlike our Baby Wraps and Ring Slings, the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier has padding and buckles built in for quick, simple assembly. This is a beautiful option for parents who enjoy the flexibility of a wrap carrier but desire more structure – plus, there is no need to learn any of the tying techniques you would need for a Baby Wrap.

Parents who prefer the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier are drawn to them for their ease of use and built-in support. You can hold your baby close on both your front or back, as well as be comforted by sturdy straps and buckles that are simple to adjust and get on and off. The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is suitable from birth through toddlerhood.

The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier comes in its own array of designs and blends ranging from cotton to cashmere to Japanese silk. It is the ultimate way to keep your baby close; easily and comfortably, while being stylish at the same time.

Baby Wrap

The benefits: versatility, ultimate support, usable from birth through toddlerhood and full selection of Artipoppe bespoke blends and designs

A Baby Wrap is a long piece of fabric used to carry a child from infancy to toddlerhood. Depending on the age of your child and your experience with babywearing, Baby Wraps can be used for a variety of carrying positions like front carry, hip carry and back carry. Our Baby Wraps come in different sizes, with lengths ranging anywhere from 2.7 to 5.2 meters (9 to 17 feet) in length.

Baby Wraps also come in a wide variety of fibres and blends – everything from breezy seaweed to supple cashmere and warm qiviut, including even the traditionally soft and easy-care cotton.  Each specialty blend provides varying levels of support, with some blends specially made for warmer and cooler climates or weight of your child. Many Baby Wraps are suitable for carrying newborns and heavier babies or toddlers, usually up to around 20 kgs or until the parent and baby are still comfortable. Each Baby Wrap is carefully made with style expression, quality fibres and babywearing luxury at the forefront of the design process, making our wraps often to be considered each product a piece of art.

The advantages of using a Baby Wrap over other carriers are the versatility, support and weight distribution it provides the wearer. They are also often selected for their naturally beautiful and minimalistic aesthetic.

Ring Sling

The benefits: ideal for quick ups and downs or trips into the city, stylish carrier with choice of gold or silver rings, ease and cover for breastfeeding and full selection of Artipoppe bespoke blends and designs

Ring Slings are one shoulder baby carriers that are one-size-fits-all. Our Ring Slings are made out specially designed woven fabric with a pair of rings (either silver or gold) sewn to one end for ease of use. Like our Baby Wraps, Ring Slings are completely adjustable and can be used from infancy through toddlerhood as a front, hip or back carrier.

The Ring Sling is very easy to use and quick to get on, with many parents preferring it for its practicality. Unlike a Baby Wrap, you can leave the ring sling pre-tied for easy ups and downs. Although, at first, some find it more difficult to learn the proper carrying technique with a Ring Sling compared to a Baby Wrap. Newborn parents also tend to love Ring Slings because they are great front carriers for tiny bodies, and they provide both ease and cover for breastfeeding. However, when carrying a newborn in a Ring Sling, the safety procedures should be strictly followed. While the Ring Sling can be used for toddlers as well, the one shoulder carrying position can become heavy for some parents.

At Artipoppe, all of our products come in either a Baby Wrap or Ring Sling. You have our full line of specialty blends, colors and designs to choose from at your fingertips wherever you are in the world, exclusively in the online shop.


Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps, and Ring Slings

Whether choosing for the effortless Zeitgeist Baby Carrier, a versatile woven Baby Wrap, a deliciously stylish Ring Sling, or all  – you and your baby will surely discover the many lasting benefits that come from wearing your baby, your most precious jewel.

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