When Carson Meyer watched the documentary The Business of Being Born she was shocked about what many women have to go through in childbirth and how little she really knew about birth in general. Birth is beautiful and sacred, birth is messy, and no birth is the same, if you ask Carson, so let’s not try to fit it into a box. Watching that footage in her early twenties was like an awakening of sorts and led her onto the path to become the doula that she is today. Hailing from Los Angeles, she’s also the founder of clean beauty brand C & The Moon, a childbirth educator – offering in person and virtual classes for parents – and a birth photographer. Since Carson believes, as she also shares during our talk, that looking back at the tremendous power of your body during birth through pictures can actually help with healing and possibly dealing with trauma. In our interview she talks about her journey, mourning the old while embracing the new, always learning and how to support yourself during pregnancy and postpartum.


Carson Meyer, doula and birth photographer


“Young women these days are raised to be terrified of the process of childbirth because of the picture we see in most movies and on TV.”

 “Having a doula or having continuous birth support increases positive birth outcomes and a better experience.”

 “Truly every single birth that I have attended is equally special and memorable.”

“I think the idea that there’s one way to do it is something I hope to change or to help parents realize all of their different options. There really isn’t one way. There are so many opinions, so many perspectives, but it really comes down to you being the expert on your body and your baby, being able to have choice in deciding what best suits you.”

Birth photos are so powerful for new parents to be able to see what they’ve accomplished.”


“I think there is so much expectation for a new parent to be so overjoyed and so happy but there are also moments like oh wait, my life is different now. So, holding space for all those emotions is so important.”

“Birth can come with grief, because you’re saying goodbye to a part of yourself while welcoming a new version of yourself into the world as a mother.”

“I think that unlearning the idea that we have to do things a certain way, a one size fits all model, is something that would be valuable to unlearn. And also that we can control the process.”


“It’s upsetting to see that the most incredible thing that our body is capable of is considered taboo. It’s the most natural process. It’s how we all got here.”

 “I hope that in 25 years we are looking at a more promising future for our planet, because the greatest prenatal care you can have, is a healthy environment and foods.”

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