Deborah Hanekamp, a.k.a. healer Mama Medicine, thought she could never have children. When she was a young woman, doctors found fibroids on her ovaries and told her that getting pregnant would be very unlikely for her. She made peace with it but when years later she met the love of her life, a Dutchman Herman Hanekamp, out of the blue she did get pregnant. They had a daughter, now a 7-year-old Munay. Deborah herself is a sought-after healer, seeress and shaman who was trained in the Peruvian Amazon for eight years. Since then, she came up with her very own ‘Medicine Readings’, loved amongst the editors of Vogue and the artist Alicia Keys. She opened Space by Mama Medicine, an online membership community with various spiritual offerings, and wrote the bestselling book Ritual Baths. In this episode, Deborah shares her extraordinary life story. She talks about ‘spirit babies’, her take on motherhood from a spiritual point of view, the aura she sees around pregnant women and how to enhance children’s natural energetic gifts.
Headshot Deborah Hanekamp (Mama Medicine) for Podcast

Deborah Hanekamp, healer Mama Medicine


“The word “mama” to me means working with a defined feminine energy that is within us all.”

“I feel like our children find us in a way, so I am the mother that my daughter needs to help guide her energy.”

 “I have to take very good care of myself in order to be able to show up for this person that is my daughter and lead her by example.”

 “When a woman becomes pregnant, from that moment when she starts showing or telling friends, that is a moment in life where women face the most judgment.”

“Motherhood to me means devotion and pure unconditional love.”


“The moves and changes you are meant to make in life, they are going to come to you, and you are going to recognize them when you are meant to. That’s being your own healer.”

“Even adults are still that sensitive as when we were born, we just have learned how to filter our intuitive reaction to people.”

“We need more feminine energy in physical education”.

“Do not judge. The moment I get into the place “I am right, and you are wrong” – I am in a place of ignorance and in my ego.”

“I hope that in 25 years this idea of women supporting women isn’t just a hashtag.”

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