Linda Tol was one of the very first style influencers and street style stars at international fashion weeks. Today she is also a digital creative and brand consultant for the likes of Chanel and Dior. This summer she launched her own highly coveted eyewear brand called Tol Eyewear. She and her partner of 16 years, Renwe, lived in Milan for a long time before they decided to move back to the Netherlands for some much-needed peace of mind. In this episode, she talks about miscarriage and her struggles with getting pregnant due to a fast-paced stressful lifestyle travelling all over the globe. She also shares her take on being in an interracial relationship and what her hopes and dreams are for the future of her baby boy. This interview was recorded when Linda was in her last trimester and she is now mom to a healthy son, called Louie.
Linda Tol

Linda Tol, style influencer and founder of Tol Eyewear


“I always wished for a baby in my belly.”

 “I was not scared of getting very big, I actually really enjoyed seeing my body grow because it was his home, his house and I’m proud of that.”

“Of course it’s impossible to get pregnant again while your body still recognizes a pregnancy in your body.”

“The doctors said: “It looks like something new is growing, but we’re not sure if it’s an egg since the level of your hormones was so low before. Honestly we don’t think it is possible that it’s growing by yourself.” And I was like “Well, maybe it is…”

“Everything was kind of out of balance because of the traveling and because of my job.”

“The miscarriage was, in a way, a sign that my body was working and it is possible for me to get pregnant. Now I have to be patient and it will happen again. It was just not the right time for me before.”


“For a lot of women, stress is a really big thing and causes more than we think.”

“We just forgot for a while that it’s OK not to stress out about things, but to enjoy the moment and that it’s completely fine to do something an hour later or maybe a day even.” 


“I have black friends, so now I’m a good person? No, it’s not like that for me.”

“You don’t hire a black photographer because he is black. You hire a photographer because he’s good at his work.”

“I wish the world will learn from this period in time and that we live a more conscious life and to be more open about how to move forward in life.”

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