EPISODE 10: Zach Bush

Dr. Zach Bush is a medical doctor, specialized in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. Zach is one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health. Zach has a comprehensive understanding of the human organism, the natural environment, and the spiritual cosmos. Zach Bush and team have just launched a groundbreaking supplement called ION, reconnecting you with 60-million-year-old soil carbons frozen in time. This is quite extraordinary, and works on the gut-brain health, the immune system and digestion. In this episode Dr. Zach Bush speaks to an audience dear to his heart, mothers. He is sharing his vision on parenting and motherhood and placing it in a perspective of humanity's quest in connecting back to nature. During the conversation he shares his thoughts on many topics, such as how to prepare your body for a healthy birth, why there’s such a rise in female infertility and diseases amongst young children, what type of father he is himself and what shifts need to happen for a more prosperous future and humanity’s survival as a whole. He bridges science, spirituality, the intelligence of nature and the power of humanity. 

Zach Bush, Medical Doctor


“We have poisoned soil, water and air and lost about 50% of life on earth in the last 4 years. We can predict our own extinction sometime in the next 80 to 100 years on our current track of destroying biology on the planet.”

“I believe that this pandemic is just a ripple of the big waves that are coming towards us to demand our return to a different relationship to nature. This relationship might be death, returning to nature by the death of our species, but it might also be an opportunity for us to shift before our extinction to reinvent how we fit in the humble position of human life on earth.”


“A mother is not just a human, she is an example of an organic garden of microbes within her skin, within her gut; she is teeming with life. The biodiversity within her is the foundation of life for the child.”

[About Filipino mothers] “They were so healthy, and there was so little pain in these women. I was shocked by the amount of pain I witnessed in Western medicine hospitals during birth compared to what I saw women going through that were barefoot on dirt floors, touching Mother Earth. It would not be surprising to think Mother Earth was just there, supporting the process. The birthing process should be less painful than it is, but by our separation from the planet through our technology, the artificial boundaries when you look at a hospital room, you’re so far away from Mother Earth. She can’t support you. And in her isolation, the woman not only experiences more pain, but she literally feels like she’s going at this alone. You can feel a lot of desperation in women in hospital settings where they are isolated in the experience of their pain, in the extremity of what labor is, when they are not connected to nature. It’s a much lonelier and more desperate journey.”


“As soon as you move away from breastmilk to formulas, unfortunately you have lost the fundamental connection to nature for the child. Our formulas are some of the most processed foods on the planet: processed soybeans, processed pea proteins. All have been extracted from their natural state, none of them have their original fibers anymore. We have these highly processed, unnatural formulas that are going into millions and millions of babies worldwide now. It’s a tragic miss, and it really sets these children up for chronic infections, strep throat, poor immune systems. These are the children that are prone to cancer, heart disease at weird ages, auto immune diseases at early ages, type I diabetes to thyroid conditions.”


“I believe the children that are born today are seeing the world more accurately, more honestly than that the current human brain is capable of. Our human brain is so adapted to denial and a lower state of vibration. We dull our senses so we can stay in denial easier to the reality that we are creating around us, also in our relationships.” 

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