In this interview series we talk to game changers and inspirational thinkers in the field of mental, physical and reproductive health, wellness, spirituality and style, social justice and politics. We ask our guests, all pioneers in their own right, how they perceive motherhood, what paradigm shift they would like to see in the world when it comes to parenthood and how to shape the world for future generations, our children. Learn more about The New Motherhood and our speakers below.

“I truly believe we the women have amazing instincts and we do not need parenting protocols or professionals when it comes to knowing what works best for our babies and ourselves.”

– Anna van den Bogert, founder of Artipoppe.


‘To express yourself for who you truly are – a mother, a woman and so much more.’ Freedom of choice and following that inner voice, that’s what founder of Artipoppe, Anna van den Bogert, stands for. This may seem like common sense, like something already achieved in modern-day society. Yet in Anna’s own experience and her frank conversations with fellow moms the world over it seems the way mothers choose to parent and to go about life is oftentimes still criticized. That’s where we at Artipoppe would like to see a shift in consciousness, so mothers can feel empowered to walk their own path.

Anna’s philosophy is one she coined ‘The New Motherhood’, rebel mothers if you will. She believes we still live in a highly conventional era when it comes to motherhood, but also that change is on the horizon. She would like to encourage women to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and to claim their space in society. Yet for that to unfold it should also become the status quo to see parent and child together in all arenas of society. Allowing space for working mothers to thrive and bring their new-born baby along. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is a huge inspiration to Anna; she brought her daughter to the United Nations General Assembly right after giving birth. Work aside, to normalize breastfeeding in public and bringing your new-born to a social gathering or on public transport without having to experience social anxiety or fear of judgement.

At Artipoppe we want to make way for families to take center stage. Moving into a world, a future reality, that’s more about community, lifting each other up and really being connected. This extends to us being more connected to nature and therefore our human nature. Working with nature instead of against it has always been at the core of everything Artipoppe. The New Motherhood, in the end, is a holistic approach to motherhood and humanity as a whole. As the saying goes ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and Anna strongly feels that this community spirit is what the world needs more of right now. Motherhood touches all of our lives. So, in a way Artipoppe doesn’t just speak to mothers, fathers, but to everyone out there. It’s only together that we can achieve a brighter future with sustainability, inclusivity, connection and love as the norm.


Anna van den Bogert is the founder of Artipoppe and mother to four, Paco (10) Olivia (9) Karel (6) and Sofia (4). After the birth of her second child, she felt they were both in need of a lot of skin-on-skin, heart-to-heart contact. A baby carrier would be the perfect solution to keep her child at peace while also having her hands free to still be able to get things done. Yet she couldn’t find any to her liking; well made, in beautiful fabrics and interesting designs. To Anna what you wear is a means of personal expression, especially in this stage as a new mom a baby carrier is a true statement. Anna briefly studied musicology at university and worked in corporate businesses before she started her own company. She feels it is her life’s purpose to make a positive change in the world by empowering women. Anna: ‘We all have different parts to play – whether big or small, whether just in our inner circle or out there in the public eye. I feel my “piece of the pie” is rooted in connection and empowering feminine energy. To help mothers, parents, connect and reconnect – to themselves, the world around them and to nature.’ At Artipoppe she’s very much involved in every aspect of the business: from strategy and production to art direction, also shooting many of the Artipoppe campaign images herself. Resting her head at home in the countryside near Amsterdam with horses and a vegetable garden. Meditation is her lifestyle, she loves reading, plant based cooking and nature.


Kaira van Wijk is a freelance journalist, editor, writer and occasional illustrator who regularly contributes to magazines such as Vogue Netherlands and newspapers like FD Persoonlijk (The Financial Times). With a background in art and literature, she interned in Singapore (fashion publication Harper’s Bazaar) and New York (art collective Visionaire). Most of all she’s interested in the human aspect, what truly moves people in creative industries and other fields of innovation. Especially in the world of today it’s her aim to add stories to the mainstream media that bring a different perspective – whether that be under the umbrella of contemporary design and art or health and wellness. With a recurring undertone of how this reflects our societies and how we could possibly reshape them for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Amongst others she interviewed futurist Sophie Hackford, eco-warrior Livia Firth, author Elaine Welteroth and landscape artist Lily Kwong. The books on her nightstand: Lo-TEK. by professor Julia Watson on indigenous wisdom and architecture, Roofstaat (about the colonial past of the Dutch in Indonesia, where Kaira’s roots also lie) and a beautiful novel On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong. She’s not a mother herself, but she believes motherhood and the next generation involves us all (photographed by Florine van Rees).

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