Our sustainability vision

Love is all. It is what interconnects us to each other, to mother nature, to life itself. This is the foundation of sustainability at Artipoppe. To harmonize, to protect, to inspire healing of mother earth and humanity. Our impact extends from the materials that we use in our products to the use of our products and the health benefits and bonding experience that they create. To the change we instill by inspiring women to listen to their inner voice, maternal instinct, their own nature. To be in harmony with nature and human sustainability, mother earth requires creation that not only preserves, but also heals and regenerates. This is our ambition. To leave the earth better than how we found it, for our children, and our children’s children.

Ever evolving progress

We do not claim to be perfect, nor ever will be. Continuous questioning of how we can be better sits deep in our veins. We have always been uncompromising in quality, and are wholeheartedly committed to raising our sustainability ambition even further. Our environmental concerns are in line with the worldwide challenges we are all facing; climate change, loss of biodiversity, increased pollution and scarcity of natural resources. The environment is in dire need of collective and urgent action. We feel that it will not be enough if humanity only changes the rules of the game to be “more sustainable”. We need to invent a new game. What is a true regenerative, sustainable way forward for Artipoppe? That is not yet fully clear. However, we are convinced traditional ways of doing business in today’s world need a drastic makeover if we want to realize our sustainability vision.

Artipoppe Sustainability Report 2021

Artipoppe Sustainability Report 2020

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