Vogue follows professionals from the creative world, who fill their days at the office, at the atelier or on a business trip, working completely in their own way. This time: Anna van den Bogert, founder of Artipoppe. – Interview Kaira Van Wijk, Photographer Karen Rosetzsky

“I started Artipoppe 4 years ago. At first I created something for myself: woven wraps, that aside from being functional, were also a beautiful fashion accessory. This was lacking for me. For ages children have been carried in slings and wraps. For example, in Africa, Indonesia and South America it is part of everyday life, but in the modern Western world it disappeared long ago. However, nowadays more and more parents are gaining interest in carrying their children close, while also having an interest in fashion, aesthetics and quality. That’s fascinating to me.

In the morning I’m woken by my kids, Karel, Livvi and Paco. I am an evening person; I’d rather spend my mornings sleeping in until 8 am or 9 am, but this rarely happens. When one of my kids wakes up at 7 am, we usually take him or her into our bed and doze together for another half an hour.

Then I take a shower. I have a long shower ritual in the morning. I always wash my hair. It’s an obsession of mine. I can easily spend the day without any make-up, but not without fresh hair… Impossible. When I’m stressed out I prefer to stand under warm, running water. I meditate in the shower or in my car, this is my way of letting ideas and solutions naturally flow.

Recently I discovered the shampoo from the French label, Caudalie. It’s free of parabens and other chemicals. It’s the first all natural brand that works for me. After showering I get dressed, preferably in jeans, a simple top and comfortable shoes. I love easy-to-wear, casual clothing from nice brands. Shoes from Chanel, without high heels, and a nice top from the Row, made of silk or merino: my everyday uniform. I’m attracted to authenticity and beautiful fabrics; you will never see me wearing acrylic.”

Trial and error
“At 8.30 am we bring the kids to school, except the youngest one. At 8:45 am the nanny arrives and Floris, who is also my partner at Artipoppe, goes to the office. I work at home, preferably alone. My office has a nice view of the fields. We live in a small town in a monumental farmhouse, which we are renovating. It has a large yard, where we also keep some animals.

Most of the time I eat breakfast behind my desk, usually with a large bowl of fruit and green tea with honey. Sometimes I eat some extra yogurt or toast.

I read my emails, scroll through my social media feed, look at the news at and check if there are any new vintage treasures at ‪ My eyes are drawn to beautiful images. I see patterns everywhere. I envision the prints and patterns for Artipoppe, which are then given form by a graphic artist.

At 10 am I start to really become productive and make a priority list for the day. This morning ritual is typical of my working style: structured.

One day per week I am weaving at the weaving mill. I have learned this myself. It took a lot of searching, testing and trial and error. I weave my prototypes myself, before they go into production.

Also, one morning per week I take pictures. A large part of the Artipoppe photography is my work: with a model on location nearby or abroad, but also the product photography. It is one of the best parts of my job. I also like to work with my photography inspiration Paul Bellaart, stylist Jetteke van Lexmond and model Stef van der Laan. I admire Paul because he is down to earth and knows how to deliver high fashion photography. A nice mix of basic and luxury, which is very close to my own style; I will feed our sheep in a Chanel jacket.

After lunch- for example, a large plate of asparagus with eggs- I get into another flow and am the most productive.

Once a week at home I have a 1.5 hr. yoga class, but further, quality me-time is a challenge. I travel to Italy on a regular basis to look at yarns and usually book a nice hotel, have a spa treatment, take a walk in the city and eat out. In Florence I like to go to the Four Seasons hotel, recently I had a sublime oxygen facial there.

A true Cancer
Around 6 pm we have dinner with the entire family. I’m crazy about Japanese food, but for the children’s sake we usually eat mashed potatoes or pasta. After dinner we often read a book, play a game or watch a movie. Floris is also an orchestra conductor and sometimes has rehearsal with his orchestra in the evenings. Those evenings I like to read a book or will work a little on my laptop on the couch. Normally I go to bed around midnight, but now that I am pregnant I tend to go to bed earlier. I am a true Cancer, a real home-maker. I do wish to travel the world someday with my kids, Mongolia is at the top of my list.”