04 FavorietenAnnavandenBogert

The favorites of Anna van den Bogert

Designer Anna van den Bogert (36) is taking over the world with her classy baby carrier brand, Artipoppe. She is married to Floris van der Kooij and has four children: Paco (7), Livvi (6), Karel (3) and Sofia (1).

   1. Baby carrier
‘The Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is the world’s first ergonomic baby carrier that does not look like a hiker’s backpack. Designing it was quite a challenge, because it had to be stylish as well as comfortable and functional. It took a whole year, but I am very proud of the result.’

     2. Free time
‘I love having elaborate meals at places with great customer service. I’ll even go to restaurants on my own when I am abroad. My favourite is Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.’

     3. Designer
‘He is 84 years old and a true visionair: Karl Lagerfeld is a living legend. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if he’s even real.’

     4. Shoes
‘Comfortable and warm because of the fur lining on the inside! These Gucci mules are actually kind of flamboyant, but I rather like that.’

     5. Dish
‘At home, we have an Indian nanny who often cooks us a traditional Indonesian dish called soto, spicy chicken soup with egg and fresh vegetables. She makes a big pot of it each week, and I’ll even have it for breakfast. I’m addicted to the stuff.’

     6. Accessory
‘My great grandfather was a goldsmith and would create the most beautiful jewelry. I inherited a few of his pieces and wear them often. The great thing is that they are not just rings; there’s family history behind them.’

     7. Childhood memory
‘My parents drove a Renault 4, and whenever we went on holiday, my parents would fold down the back seats so that my sister and I could just go to sleep, right on top of the tents and suitcases. Seatbelts in the back weren’t a thing yet back then, so there was no issue. In all honesty, that was always my favourite part of the whole holiday.’

     8. Pieces of clothing
‘My Vetements jeans. I practically live in these jeans! I wear them multiple times a week and pair them with just about everything. They look good with both heels and sneakers.’

     9. Beauty product
‘I often get talked into buying things in the store and then arrive home to find that I’ve been fooled. Kiehl’s products are different. A friend of mine recommended them to me and I fell in love straight away. All of their products are made using natural ingredients that really work.’

     10. Statement piece
‘My vintage Hermès Kelly bag is my one true love. It is twenty years old and the leather is quite worn, but I keep it that way on purpose. I love stuff that has a history. It makes me feel like this bag has a soul of its own.’