Artipoppe, a love story.

After the birth of her second child, Anna van den Bogert envisioned what would change not only her life but the life of many mothers worldwide.
Anna founded Artipoppe.
Artipoppe is a lifestyle, more than a baby carrier. We unite women. We inspire them to follow their instincts and accept their imperfections. An Artipoppe Baby Carrier is a way to keep your identity, to demonstrate self-confidence, to feel beautiful and to show the world you care, not only about your baby (research has proven that baby’s who are worn cry less, are healthier and develop better) but also about yourself and others. Baby wearing is a great solution for staying mobile. Taking your baby everywhere is practical and satisfying for both baby and mother.
Keep them close and be beautiful.
We are committed to running a modern and responsible business with good care for nature, people and animals. Our jacquard fabrics are woven in Lithuania, the country where we have a team of workers creating our Zeitgeist Carriers also. All our workers earn fair wages and are being treated with respect and dignity. We source our raw materials solely from ethical producers that respect the environment and are working with nature instead of against it. We always search for options that are animal friendly and buy only mulesing free merino from our suppliers. All our products are checked and finished in the Netherlands under our own roof where they are also being carefully packaged and handed over to our couriers to be shipped to all corners of the world.