Size Guide

Zeitgeist Baby Carriers

Zeitgeist Baby Carriers are one size fits all, and are suitable for carrying children from birth through toddlerhood. They are is adjustable for caregiver waist sizes 68cm – 120cm (27″-47″).

Baby Wraps

Artipoppe Baby Wraps come in sizes 2 – 7. These sizes correspond with the following lengths:

Table Wrap Sizes
Tech draw wrap

When selecting what wrap size to purchase, it is important to consider what type of carry you would like to do, as well as what size you and your baby are. In general a size 6 is good for a wide variety of knots, including ‘Front Wrap Cross Carry’ as seen in our Instructions and Tutorials sections.

If you are new to babywearing, size 6 is the recommended size to start with. If your clothing size is 34 EU (6 UK, 4 US) or below, you might consider using a size 5 instead of size 6. In case your clothing size is 48 EU (16 UK, 14 US) and above, a size 7 is likely to be more appropriate.

Smaller wrap sizes are recommended in case you are experimenting with other carries that need less wrap length.

It is important to note that the wrap lengths in meters are measured with soft tape in hand. (i.e. with some tension on the fabric). Comparing this to measuring the wrap flat at the table, the difference can be up to 30-50 cm.

Ring Slings

Ring Slings are one size fits all. Our Ring Slings are around 1.90 meters from the top of the rings to the shorter taper.

table_RS FT-1
Tech Draw Ring Sling

More information on how to babywear can be found in our DISCOVER section.