Artipoppe craftsmanship

Artipoppe has always been committed to crafting the highest quality products using luxurious materials in a responsible manner, all while maintaining a balance with nature. Artipoppe believes that parents should have the freedom to move through the world while still maintaining their aesthetics and style. Every baby carrier is handcrafted with care and designed to last for generations. With Artipoppe, parents can carry their precious little ones close to their hearts while confidently taking up space in the world.

Anna van den Bogert, founder of Artipoppe, combines her creative vision and material expertise to create signature pieces that are intended to be timeless. Her ideas are translated into reality step by step, starting with a selection of the finest materials, such as organic cashmere, linen and hemp from producers that respect the environment. These materials become the foundation for one-of-a-kind Zeitgeist Baby Carrier statement designs, including Yin Yang and Argus. The creation process continues in Lithuania, where Artipoppe’s fabrics are being woven, and in Bugaboo’s facility (Artipoppe’s mother company) in Xiamen, China, where the Zeitgeist Baby Carriers and Magic Belt Bags are assembled. Full control of the process in this facility lies with Artipoppe, providing a solid foundation for a modern, safe and collaborative work environment where great attention is devoted daily to the personal welfare of Artipoppe employees. Prior to being packaged by hand at Artipoppe’s headquarters in the Netherlands, every Zeitgeist Baby Carrier and Magic Belt Bag undergoes a rigorous quality check, ensuring an exceptional product before being shipped to all corners of the world. Baby Wraps and Ring Slings are all crafted in-house at Artipoppe’s atelier in the Netherlands. Artipoppe’s products are distinguished by their attention to detail and excellence, evident in everything from the gold button embellishments to the embroidered Artipoppe peacock feather.

Artipoppe takes a unique approach by prioritizing consciousness, freedom, and elegance in the lives of parents, aiming to create products that not only benefit the mind, body, and spirit, but also encourage authentic self-expression. By strengthening the parent-child bond, Artipoppe hopes to foster a deeper presence of love on earth. Artipoppe aims to challenge the status quo and inspire individuals to live with a sense of freedom. In the end, Artipoppe is committed to running a modern and responsible business that cherishes nature, people and animals.


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