Artipoppe Craftsmanship

Creating in Harmony

Co-creation is an art form. Each Artipoppe product embodies the brand’s values: freedom, harmony, self-expression, and authenticity. Envisaged to span generations, Artipoppe products are family heirlooms and testaments to love, connection, and closeness. Translating a creative vision into timeless signature pieces is a journey where every detail is carefully considered.

The journey begins in the Netherlands, where Artipoppe’s in-house expertise on materials brings trademark minimalistic, modern designs into reality through the selection of the finest yarns. Ranging from organic cashmere and cotton to precious tussah silk and exclusive vicuña, all materials are chosen for their high quality and natural origins. From here, the craftsmanship journey continues to Lithuania, where Artipoppe fabrics are being woven. Baby Wraps and Ring Slings are all crafted in-house at Artipoppe’s atelier in the Netherlands, whereas the assembly of Zeitgeist baby carriers and Magic Belt Bags is completed in Xiamen, China. This is done at the facility of Artipoppe’s mother company, Bugaboo, a B Corp-certified business. All products undergo rigorous quality control one more time at the Artipoppe headquarters in the Netherlands. From gold button embellishments to logo peacock feather embroidery, every detail is expected to match the Artipoppe standards of excellence. Only then are Artipoppe products being sent to their new homes to be part of precious memories.

Artipoppe’s commitment to detail and excellence goes far beyond the production process. First priority is the well-being of Artipoppe employees and ensuring that the workplace is a modern, safe, and collaborative environment. Equally important is the acceptance of our individual and collective responsibility for the well-being of our planet and all life forms on it. This makes Artipoppe a conscious business focused on cherishing nature, people, and animals every step of the way.

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