Artipoppe is a registered trademark and our products are protected by copyright. The use of our products or part of our products to establish Derivative Work for commercial exploitation is not allowed.

We understand that Derivative Works regarding babywearing products are being made. Until further notice we will allow ONLY the following products to be made, and sold ONLY under the following conditions:

Products that we allow:
– ring slings
– wrap conversion babycarriers

Under the conditions:
A) the trademark Artipoppe cannot be used on the products or in reference to the products.
B) the Artipoppe branded labels must be removed from the derivative work.
The above condition B does not apply to ring slings and / or wrap conversion babycarriers that are being made before January 15 2016.

Any derivative work that does not reasonably fit into one of the two above mentioned product categories is not allowed and will be considered a copyright or trademark infringement (only exceptions: Cin by Cindy Jeurissen, Ocah, Obimama).

Derivative works that are made only with the intent of personal use by the maker and not shown to others outside the regular family circle is allowed. (Facebook groups, public Facebook posts, personal/business websites, Etsy business pages, and blogs are not considered as regular family circles).

We believe that despite good intentions, Derivative Work can be harmful to the Artipoppe brand. We are within our right to claim the law of Derivative Works in order to protect our reputation and quality.

Thank you for understanding.

Artipoppe creations are protected by Dutch Law. As such, they are also protected by Community Law and International Law. After January 15, 2016, when purchasing an Artipoppe product, challenging this statement, or creating a Derivative Work, you are waiving your right to choose jurisdiction regarding this matter and are consenting to jurisdiction in the appropriate Dutch venue.

*Artipoppe reserves the right to change the above conditions at any time it deems appropriate without prior notice.