Since Artipoppe’s establishment in 2012, founder Anna van den Bogert has pursued a new era of motherhood – one driven by freedom and inner peace. For Anna, the art of crafting baby carriers was never a solitary endeavor. Her passion for beauty combined with a deep love for our planet has led her to develop relationships with artists from all walks of life. These collaborations harness important elements of Artipoppe’s vision. Whether that be empowering women, envisioning a better future for our planet or inspiration for personal development.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, has devoted her life to species conservation efforts and educating others about our interconnectedness. She believes the salvation of our planet is to raise children in partnership with nature. Set them free to play and explore their surroundings. In this reconnection with the earth, children will learn to love and respect the natural world, and therefore find an innate desire to protect it. Once again, we see the power of motherhood. The potential to shape the future of our world lives within the children we nurture.

Artipoppe had the privilege of collaborating with her to create the Zeitgeist Jane Goodall, encapsulating the essence of her lifelong dedication to the natural world. In the spirit of this collaboration, 10% of all worldwide revenue generated from the Zeitgeist Jane Goodall is donated to the Jane Goodall Institute, helping advance her vision and our ongoing global work for the benefit of all.

Discover more about our collaboration here.

Joséphine Klerks

For artist Joséphine Klerks, nothing outweighs the wisdom and magic of Mother Earth. From the woods of Sweden, she communes with the nature and seasons around her to influence her art and connect with her ancestors. Joséphine creates the artwork for The Artipoppe Newsletter, each beginning with a vision, followed by a sketch, which leads to the final painting that is shared with the Artipoppe community. For this inspiring Swedish artist, mother, and herbalist, our collective relationship with nature must be restored, as it is the gateway to our reconnection with the individual and collective self.

MC Escher

MC Escher, renowned for his groundbreaking work as a graphic designer from 1898 to 1972, remains an enduring icon in the artistic realm. His legacy continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Recognized by millions, his creations transcend boundaries. Using a blend of mathematics, architecture, and the exploration of impossible spaces, MC Escher gifted the world with a touch of magic.

United by a shared affinity for self-expression and creativity, Artipoppe features his iconic prints on the beloved Zeitgeist Two Birds and Zeitgeist Angels & Devils. This collaboration encourages a sense of wonder and awe as you move through the world.