About style, love and how motherhood changed her.

Romy Boomsma about style, love and how motherhood changed her

Artipoppe Story | By Romy Boomsma and Vogue

In Romy Houwer-Boomsma’s Instagram you can endlessly get lost. She posts many images of enchanting interior style that you want to instantly add to Pinterest, but also her daughter, Bobby Jo (1.5) with her husband, TV presenter, model and sports gym owner, Arie Boomsma. Saying Bobby has two very handsome parents is an understatement. Romy Boomsma (26), the face of both Amsterdam’s designer label Stieglitz and Artipoppe for luxury baby wraps and carriers, has a bohemian personal style that inspires. Think: lots of print, color, stacked jewelry, flares alternating with jeans and sweats. Romy shares how she experiences the pregnancy of her second child, style, love and more.

You are now pregnant with your second child. What would you have liked to know during your first pregnancy with Bobby Jo that you know now?

“That nothing will go wrong if you let go a little. The last time I was completely seized by being pregnant, which made me become more anxious. During this second pregnancy, thankfully I can better let go and I’m less busy with it. I continue to exercise throughout and feel fitter this time. Now, I also know better what I can expect, and that has a different mental affect. I’m enjoying this time fully, and so it seems to fly quickly by. ”

Romy Boomsma about style, love and how motherhood changed her. An Artipoppe Story.

How has motherhood changed you, do you think?

“In everything, and especially in many ways that I never imagined or expected in advance. I’m totally there for Bobby, and I think that’s beautiful. Now, after more than a year and a half, I notice that I slowly create some more space for myself and that goes very naturally. I expected that I would have needed that much earlier, but I still prefer her to be as close as possible to me. ”

You are a full-time mother. Has this been a conscious choice?

‘Absolutely. I am very happy that we can allow myself to be a full-time mother, which means that, despite Arie’s busy schedule, we can still see each other as a family.”

Have you always wanted to become a young mother?

“The thought always seemed fun to me, but only when I met Arie, I thought,” Yes, you are my children’s father! “And he had the same feeling. Therefore, it did not have much to do with age. ”

In what has Bobby Jo surprised you the most?

“In a lot of ways actually, but especially in how I deal with motherhood. She’s really my mirror and in terms of character, is very much like me. This can sometimes be confrontational, but at the same time it’s very funny. ”

Romy Boomsma in Artipoppe and I Love Mr Mittens

What do you wear most during your pregnancy?

Stieglitz Flared leggings, vintage Levi’s 501 jeans in a large size, Arie’s shirts, long dresses and everything combined with oversized knitwear by I love Mr Mittens. This time and during the previous pregnancy, I have not bought any special clothes, but actually wear what I usually like. That means everything oversized. In my pregnant period, those clothes are a little tighter. ”

You are the face of Stieglitz and Artipoppe. Why are these labels written on your body?

“I think the women behind these companies are fantastic. They are my friends and both are so incredible in what they think and do. The brands are outgoing and striking and yet they speak to so many people. I think that is exceptionally beautiful.”

Romy Boomsma in Artipoppe

Which accessories in your closet are of particular importance to you?

“My gold jewelry. It is a combination of family heirlooms and presents from Arie. He knows exactly what I like and chooses the most beautiful things. I always wear them. ”

What are your top 3 beauty tips for pregnant women?

“The Soap Treatment store for the finest treatments, and at the same time some time for yourself – even after your pregnancy. A good highlighter. I like to use Girl Meets Pearl or Watt’s Up from Benefits, and good creams and oils for your skin. The Beam Cream from Soap is very good and I also like to use Kiehl’s skin products.”

What are you the proudest of Arie as your husband and father of your children?

“He works incredibly hard, but is a very engaged and loving father and man. His head is never too full to spend time with Bobby and us. He is always very patient. We complement each other well as a couple, and that appears to be the case in parenthood also. ”

Originally featured in Vogue

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