Embrace the Bond: Babywearing Newborns for Freedom and Connection

Using a baby carrier for newborns is where the art of connection and the freedom to move seamlessly through the world come together to elevate your parenting experience. Artipoppe understands the complex journey of parenthood and aims to both nurture your bond and strengthen your own sense of freedom through babywearing.

Why choose babywearing for newborns? 

Babywearing transcends convenience; it’s a way to deepen the connection with your newborn. It’s the touch of their skin against yours, the comforting proximity of your scent, and the soothing rhythm of your heartbeat that creates a fully unique bond.

It is also about embracing a newfound sense of freedom while keeping your baby close. Parenthood is a beautiful journey that can also present challenges. With babywearing, you can reclaim your hands and move through life with your baby as your companion.

Moving through challenges

There are often challenges that accompany the early days with a newborn; sleepless nights, meeting the needs of another being, and the desire to keep up with daily life can become overwhelming.

Artipoppe’s collection of carefully crafted Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps, and Ring Slings empowers you to meet the complexities of parenthood. With Artipoppe, you can cherish every moment with your baby while having the freedom to pursue daily tasks, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, or simply take a well-deserved breath of fresh air in Mother Nature.

The Artipoppe Collection: baby carrier for a newborn 

Artipoppe offers a diverse range of baby carriers designed to cradle your newborn and nurture your connection. Artipoppe products are not just functional; they are works of art, designed in the Netherlands and handcrafted using the finest materials for comfort and quality, making them the best baby carrier for a newborn.

Zeitgeist Baby Carrier Newborn: Artipoppe’s classic, comfortably structured baby carrier features a modern minimalist design. Crafted from jacquard-woven fabric, it’s newborn-ready, offers a personalized fit, and facilitates breastfeeding. Whether you choose to front carry facing in, front carry facing out, or back carry, it’s all about bonding and promoting healthy baby development.

Baby Wrap Newborn: Soft and sturdy woven wraps are a favorite among newborn parents for their quality, longevity, and versatility. Artipoppe’s Baby Wrap is suitable from birth up to two years.

Ring Sling Newborn: Quick and easy to use, Artipoppe Ring Slings provide a comfortable one-shoulder carry, perfect for on-the-go moments together with your baby.

Discover the Artipoppe experience

To witness the ease of using Artipoppe’s products, explore step-by-step video tutorials from the Artipoppe YouTube channel.

Artipoppe also has step-by-step image instructions and video tutorials on our website to help you master the art of babywearing.

Correct alignment

Remember to ensure your baby’s legs are in the ‘M’ position, with their knees at the same height or higher than their hips. Always provide sufficient support under their bottom to ensure their comfort and safety.

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With Artipoppe, you are not only carrying your baby, you are carrying your bond. Parenthood is a journey of love, and Artipoppe is here to support that journey.

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