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Astrological Forecast November 2022

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeńo

“Upgrade your emotional intelligence and manifest your desires in harmony with the planet.”

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions this November. Emotions that are loving and pleasant, but most definitely intense and confronting. All emotions, despite their intensity, will cause a collective shift in consciousness and we will all become more emotionally intelligent and physically more decisive.

The cosmic upgrade becoming available from an astrological perspective assists us in developing our emotional intelligence, allowing us to learn to control the depth of our psyche. Controlling this depth leads to unknown power of manifestation. The individual force is dependent on the level of our emotional intelligence development and how much we can collaborate with the planet from our consciousness.

People have struggled to control their emotions since forever, but a big change occurred on a collective level the past two years. All over the world, people are more open to their feelings and emotions and really feeling them becomes easier and the realization how we can control them is landing in our collective consciousness. November is a specific moment in cosmic timing when we all get to control, develop and understand ‘the process of feeling’.

The new “moon years” energy (that started last month) will help us recognize our original soul plan. To facilitate this process, it’s important for our thoughts, feelings and intuition to collaborate. The coming moon year will help us to recognize the pure parts of ourselves and to integrate them in our way of life. To restore the balance on earth, we need the pure information and knowledge that boils deep in our soul and is ready to surface. An upgrade in our emotional intelligence is necessary to let this pure knowledge of the soul to surface and to integrate it in our consciousness. If we are able to develop our emotional intelligence, it becomes easier to take in and transform worldwide developments. This will bring forth progress on both a personal and a societal level.

The full moon in Taurus on November 8 will tie up the loose ends. It is good to realize that consciously or subconsciously, we have already made the choice for the changes coming our way. It is of significant importance that we will learn to flow with the energy of the moment and let ourselves be carried by it. Some changes can feel very intense, but will be very renewing, powerful and useful nonetheless. Our life takes the direction we have chosen, if we dare to take concrete steps. So don’t doubt and begin your big manifestation project. Dare to jump and create discipline, structure, surrender and dedication. Whatever happens, keep moving and experience the support of the multiverse.

Important date:
Full moon in Taurus on November 8.

Important planetary aspects:
Moon in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus and the northern moon node and Pluto triangle.
Sun in conjunction with Venus and Mercury and triangle Neptune/Jupiter conjunction.

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