Astrological Forecast 2023

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeño.

2022 was a practice year. Intense developments on the world’s stage have taught us to increase our adaptability at breakneck speed. Change is a constant, everything is always moving and thus in flux. Our perception eventually determines how well we can surrender and use whatever change brings us. Our true power lies in surrendering and adapting to change. By judging change or fearing it, we obstruct our development. 2022 taught us how to deal with change and disappointment by developing our capacity to harmoniously adapt. We also got to practice balancing our rationality and emotions. Those skills will be crucial to being able to surrender to the speed of change the future holds. 

2023 will be the year of in-depth knowledge. Deepening our perception and consciousness. Consciousness is the power to perceive ourselves as part of the whole. It’s not about our spiritual development, but about being conscious of everything that is. Everything is energy: the universe and the planets, but also us and the material world we live in. The integration of this realization is called holistic consciousness, and the more conscious we become of it, the more we are able to appreciate all our experiences.

Experience is life’s teacher. Everything we do, what happens to us, and what we choose is meant to grant us experience. When our consciousness deepens, we will be able to experience more easily and without judgment. Judging an experience stems from perception. The perception that an experience is unpleasant or pleasant. When we develop our consciousness, we will discover every experience is valuable, no matter how challenging. Challenge invites us to grow and that is life’s engine.

Deepening our consciousness creates the need to connect with like-minded others through a loving exchange. Those who develop their consciousness in similar ways amplify each other. That is why it is invaluable to open up and connect from our essence by sharing experiences and visions with each other. At the start of 2023, Pluto is in conjunction with Venus. The energy that this planetary position projects to Earth increases our need for connection.

Saturn and Pluto will influence our personal development by encouraging us to think in possibilities. Obstructions only exist by virtue of our own will. Pluto in Aquarius (from the end of March) helps us in becoming aware of this as a result of its strong influence on our perception in combination with Aquarius’ power for innovation. The more we perceive, the more we learn to understand and are able to know ourselves. We will discover our mental boundaries and a lot of what seemed impossible, will become possible. Technology, science, creativity, and spirituality will merge in our consciousness because our need to look at the world and ourselves more holistically, grows.

Influenced by Saturn in Pisces, spirituality will play a big part in 2023. The term spirituality has been polluted for years, influenced by dogmas that created an image of spirituality as something outside of yourself, something to be or achieve, higher than yourself. But spirituality is nothing more than being conscious of the comprehensive unity we are part of. And life in this earthly matter is a spiritual experience in itself. Greeting our fellow man on the street, treating our environment with respect, and organizing our home can all be activities just as spiritual as meditating or lighting incense. When we learn to look at all earthly things holistically, we will discover infinite possibilities, and we can realize our biggest dreams. An open mind, perseverance, creativity, and passion are the key words for 2023. Love life.

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