Astrological Archive

By astrologer Christiano Greve Ormeño 

November 2023

These are turbulent times we’re living in. On the outside world – the world stage – a visible conflict is playing out. A battle that, from a cosmic perspective, has been planned for ages and long before. From a spiritual standpoint, we are encouraged to turn inward, rather than be drawn into the polarity of our external world. All life, in its various forms, is equal; distinctions between ‘me and you,’ ‘we and them,’ or ‘right and wrong’ are mere perceptions. As humans, we hold the power to create a world without conflict, victims, or perpetrators. The greater the chaos in the external world, the stronger the call to turn inward, and the more profound the power to create the change we seek in the world.

Everything we observe in the external world is a reflection of our inner selves. The art is to turn inward, to observe the fear, anxiety, conflict, and disharmony within us and transform them into trust, calmness, surrender, and harmony. Challenge yourself to view emotions as sources of information before being carried away by the emotional triggers. In fact, every emotion offers insights into areas where we need to work toward inner harmony. To truly progress, we need to be calm and dedicated. Because our external world mirrors our inner one, we must recognize the importance of our emotional inner world. Our highest goal is to create harmony within, providing us with the tools for transformation. We should not consider moments of rest and reflection as weakness or laziness; instead, we should surrender to our needs without judgment. Once again, our external world reflects our inner one. Allow this realization to settle for a moment.

This time of year holds completion and renewal, and we find ourselves guided by energies that push us toward rapid transformation and growth. It is time to draw out our deepest desires. We may come to realize that our present circumstances are a result of our choices. Taking responsibility for our actions and experiences is the stepping stone for change. Our deepest desires can teach us who we truly are. There were no wrong choices made; each decision and experience has been necessary in evaluating the outcomes of our choices. We must ask ourselves: Have our choices taken us where we truly wish to be? Have they come from a place of authenticity, or have they been influenced by outside opinions? With this awareness, we can make different choices at any moment. This is the path of organic change, leading us to our deeper selves. There are no wrong choices; each choice provides an experience that informs the next decision. Tune into your deepest desires and remember that you have the choice to observe your emotions rather than be led by them.

Now that we’re here, we can redefine the rules of the game and make conscious decisions in our lives. Often, we feel trapped in roles – mother, partner, daughter, son, friend, or even world-changer. We’re in networks of friends, family, work, and clubs, and we’ve assigned ourselves identities within them. The question to ask is whether these roles continue to serve us. Are we still content in a specific role, within a particular group, or in relation to a specific person? Initially, these questions can cause insecurity, chaos, doubt, and unrest. However, we can make choices within our social constructs and the roles we embody. For all choices, consider whether they come from authenticity. Is this choice aligned with my true self? Does it genuinely resonate with me? Is it what I truly desire? Have I fully tapped into my deepest desires?

The transformations triggered by the above can be emotionally intense, but they are essential. If you’re already undergoing a transformation, do not take your emotions too seriously, for you are feeling in order to let go. Discover the transformative power of emotions. Be patient and learn to give yourself and others more of the unconditional. You are good as you are, and everything you choose will always be right. From a cosmic perspective, we are at a very important crossroads. If you resonate with this, seize this opportunity wholeheartedly. When everyone chooses from a place of authenticity, we co-create a better world. ‘An eye for an eye’ is not who we truly are. One for all, all for one.


October 2023

Last month, a profound insight emerged: “Everything is energy, and energy can only change form.” Energy undergoes continuous transformation, and we serve as conduits in this process. As humans, we embody a unique facet, encompassing multidimensionality — thoughts intertwined with a physical presence — granting us the power to manifest our desires, as long as we are conscious of this truth. When we operate without awareness of this energy system, we still create, but we relinquish control over our creation and our lives. Our existence conforms to our beliefs about the world and ourselves, fostering a fear of innovation that we currently experience. We’ve lost faith in our capacity to shape our own destiny. The time has come for us to remember the workings of the universe and regain control, allowing us to distance ourselves from destructive creations that bring chaos.

“Everything is energy, and energy is all there is” is a recurring theme in our forecasts. It’s a natural law seeping into our consciousness, though there exists a distinction between understanding and full integration. Hence, this forecast delves deeper into this theme.

The energy accessible through various factors, including planetary alignments, initiates phases of completion, deepening, and renewal. As humans, we can reclaim energetic control over our creations. This deepening involves the concept of time. In our society, we accept time as a given, but we also often speculate that time is an illusion. So, what is time, really? The reality we inhabit derives significance from time, offering it as a tool to exercise our free will. Time functions as a filter, allowing us to experience the consequences of our choices. Without time but with free will, we would evade those consequences, missing the essence of free will: the understanding that our actions have repercussions. Thus, time becomes energy, and energy can change form. When we contemplate this, we realize we can reshape our past and, consequently, our future. Our past and future exert influence on the present. Scrutinizing our past, assessing our actions and their outcomes, helps us make more informed choices, shaping the foundation of our future.

October is marked by a psychological need to reevaluate past, present, and future plans. Our previous choices were not mistakes — they never are — but now we delve into a deeper understanding of why we made them. Tap into the motivation behind past choices and those yet to be made. Do not dwell too heavily on doubts that may arise during this evaluation. The goal isn’t to doubt but to contemplate. Contemplation leads to choices that steer us toward our highest potential timeline. Understand the power of thoughtful consideration and evaluation. Dedicate some time this month to scrutinize your past and future experiences, unlocking a new version of yourself. Remember, you are not who you once thought you were; you are constantly evolving. Everything undergoes continual change. Harness the power of choice to bring about the changes you desire.


September 2023

In last month’s forecast, we explored the synergy between Leo’s vibrant creative energy and Aquarius’ innovative spirit, offering an opportunity for deep rejuvenation through the acknowledgment of karmic lessons. This helped us identify areas in life where our decisions emanate from fear and self-imposed limitations. As we transition into September, this chance for renewal continues.

The theme of renewal currently resonates deeply with humanity, largely due to the underlying subconscious fear of it. The unease concerning innovation often stems from the misconception that embracing novelty requires releasing control. It’s important to remember that everything, in its essence, is energy in various manifestations. Whether a fleeting thought, a strong emotion, a physical body, a house, or a car — all are embodiments of energy. The universe’s intricate tapestry interlaces these energies harmoniously.

At the core of existence are small building blocks that create the fabric of reality. These building blocks arrange themselves in various forms — a foundational blueprint that makes up the sky’s expanse, the composition of dust, the liquidity of water, and the solidity of metal and stone. Beyond our perception, more subtle constructs also create the fabric of reality, encompassing our thoughts, languages, and emotions. Often unnoticed, beliefs arising from these mental and emotional realms have a profound influence over other forms.

What we often fail to realize is that our beliefs impact outcomes. If we anticipate failure, it tends to materialize; if we doubt our capabilities, achievement becomes difficult. Our perception of thoughts and emotions is the foundation for their transformation into reality. The seemingly simple act of choosing a thought or emotion manifests as a pivotal step in shaping reality. This process illustrates the interdependence of all things.

With this realization, we can understand how a single thought, nurtured and accepted, could manifest into a physical entity — be it a car, a loved one, a house, or even notions more complex such as peace, war, and unity. The power lies in our discernment, as the world is constructed based on our perceived truths that create tangible repercussions.

Negative thoughts can birth undesired circumstances if allowed to solidify through belief. Our perceived realities ripple outward, as every choice echoes through the cosmic web. The laws of cause and effect reign supreme. Herein lies the truth: energy transforms continuously, and we are conduits of this transformation. Humans embody a unique facet, encompassing multidimensionality — thoughts intertwined with a physical presence — granting us the power to manifest desires, as long as we are conscious of this truth.

Yet, in a state of disconnectedness, the fear of innovation prevails. We have lost faith that we have control over our own creation. We must remember our innate creative power, guiding it away from destructive, chaotic manifestations. The harmony of Earth exists through organized energy; turmoil thrives where innovation falters, leaving only fragmented blocks.

Every human is free to either construct or dismantle, but such a decision requires an understanding of how the universe works. This Astrological Forecast is more than a translation of cosmic energy. It serves as an invitation to remember the principles of creation and innovation. The choice to build or dismantle rests in our hands. The power of our beliefs should never be underestimated. Observe the world, asking yourself if what is portrayed as the truth aligns with your inner truth. We have the power to shape our surroundings, from the small to the monumental. And so it is.


August 2023

Emotions, feelings, depth – the past Cancer season revolved around developing our emotional intelligence. By viewing our emotions as valuable information to understand ourselves better, we unlock our true potential. Every experience in life becomes an invitation to self-discovery. As we deepen our self-awareness, we make choices that shape our ideal future. Rather than controlling our emotions, we learn to manage them like cherished friends, collaborating to create our perfect world. Just as we treat a friend with respect and love, we should extend the same kindness to ourselves through every emotional journey.

As we bid farewell to Cancer season and welcome Leo season, we’re invited to take charge of crafting our desired future. On August 1 (CEST), the empowering energy of the full moon grants us the ability to manifest our dreams. This potent energy sparks creativity and inventiveness within us, empowering us to shape both our internal and external realities. To harness this energy effectively, we must make choices that align with our true selves. Clarity and focus in our decisions accelerate personal growth, unveiling our boundless potential. We possess the power to shape our future, creating liberating, innovative, and progressive situations. However, if we choose from a place of fear or doubt our capabilities, we inadvertently program our subconscious to present us with recurring lessons until we recognize our boundless potential.

These lessons, often karmic in nature, may be rooted in past lives (if that resonates with your beliefs). In this era, we’re offered a shortcut to our optimal future by swiftly identifying these repeating patterns and integrating new lessons. As we embrace our cosmic and multidimensional nature, we conserve energy by avoiding repetitive cycles and aligning ourselves with our highest timeline. Leo season emboldens us to innovate on all levels. With access to heightened consciousness, we have the capacity for genuine innovation. Creative energy is both raw and malleable, allowing us to mold our lives to match our authentic selves. Embrace fears and obstacles with love, then release them. The fearless version of ourselves, ready to embrace any challenge, lies just one choice away. The time is now – CHOOSE!

Important date: August 1, Full Moon


July 2023

Throughout the past month, communication has been a central theme in our personal development. We have come to understand that everything is interconnected through an invisible network of energy. This realization has led us to perceive that everything communicates through vibration. Words, thoughts, emotions, and feelings are all manifestations of energy and vibration, each serving the purpose of conveying information. Now, the next step in our development is to integrate this newfound understanding into our psyche, which will ultimately lead to a heightened state of emotional intelligence.

As human beings, we possess inherent sovereignty and power. However, to fully embrace this power, we must liberate ourselves from subconscious influences imposed by the outside world. Developing our emotional intelligence becomes crucial in achieving this goal. When we are emotionally immature, our emotions act as colored glasses through which we perceive reality. Yet, we have the ability to learn how to remove these glasses and objectively observe our emotions. Emotions merely provide us with information. If we disregard this valuable information and react impulsively, our emotions end up shaping our perception of reality. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, akin to a dog chasing its own tail. While it may be momentarily amusing, it hinders any genuine progress. However, if we train ourselves to utilize the hidden information within our emotions to our advantage, we can transcend primal reactions and unlock our full potential.

What constitutes reality? What defines truth? The answers to these questions can only be discovered within ourselves. Only when our emotional intelligence is well-developed can it function as a compass, guiding us through life’s complexities. Within the depths of our own being, we can distinguish what truly resonates with us. When we surrender the belief that others know better than we do, we regain our power. It is vital to observe our emotions and cultivate discernment, especially in a world characterized by artificial intelligence and disrupted balance.

We currently find ourselves in Cancer season. The combined energy of Cancer and the upcoming full moon in Capricorn on July 3 can enhance our emotional intelligence. To harness the energy optimally, it is essential to consciously choose to explore the depths of our emotions. During this full moon, the planets Venus and Mars are conjunct Leo, inviting us to embrace the collaboration of our masculine and feminine intelligence. This integration can only occur when we courageously delve into this transformative process within ourselves. Feeling is a means of integration. The first week of July promises to be emotionally intense, offering us a unique opportunity for a leap in consciousness.

The miraculous energy of the Cancer zodiac sign will also assist us in recognizing areas where we still cling to the past. Cancer energy is inherently tied to the past and tends to resist change. It nostalgically cherishes harmony, family, tradition, and safety above all else. Yet, on a subconscious level, we may hold onto painful and intense events from our past. This is precisely the aspect we must confront now, by delving into the depths of our being. Dare to observe and feel what you are still holding onto, recognizing that it no longer serves you and impedes your growth. Allow the emotions buried deep within you to surface without judgment, and release them. This act of surrendering will liberate you and facilitate the process of change. By consciously engaging in this transformative journey, you can relinquish the energy of the past and give it back to where it belongs. Dare to embrace change!

The fact that everything changes is one of the fundamental truths of our universe. Choose to surrender to change, for it is an integral part of personal growth.

Important date: July 3, full moon in Capricorn


June 2023

“Everything is energy, and energy is all there is.”

After a few challenging months of intense transformational processes, breakthroughs (April), and moving forward with the choices made (May), a period of integration through communication now begins (June). We will begin to see that everything is energy and discover that, on a vibrational level, we can communicate with ourselves and everything around us. The entire universe and everything within it form a sort of communication “soup.” There are steady elements in the soup, like broth and vegetables, and less steady elements, like the temperature. The soup is tasty and healthy when all elements are in balance. When there is too much or too little of an ingredient, an imbalance occurs, and the body informs us by perceiving the taste as off or becoming sick. Our bodies are like the soup – everything in us is communicating to keep the body functioning. Our cells, atoms, nervous system, immune system, and organs work together to make sure the body stays in balance. A balanced body is a healthy body. An imbalance will cause a disruption in communication, leading to a state of disease. This is what has happened on Earth. Humans have subconsciously disrupted communication through the extraction of resources and addition of harmful substances. Every element within the universe carries the responsibility to communicate and help form an optimal, balanced, healthy environment.

We have disrupted communication within the planet by creating things without listening to nature, and this has caused a tremendous imbalance. On a personal level, we have done the same to our bodies and spirits. By learning to communicate with ourselves and our environment, we can restore balance within both. The planetary positions during the month of June support this process. Be open to communicating with the deeper parts of your body, soul, nature, the planet, and the entire universe.

On May 21, the sun entered Gemini on the first degree and formed a sextile with Mars in Leo and a trine with Pluto in Aquarius, while Mars and Pluto simultaneously created an opposition on the first degree. This means we will have more “mental working memory” available to process personal and collective transformational processes. Because of this, we can better integrate these processes into our consciousness. Pluto in Aquarius retrograde will help us understand these internal processes more easily. The rules of the age of Aquarius will become clearer, and this will help us apply them in a more practical manner.

The realization that everything is energy will help us depend less on the material aspects of life. This doesn’t mean material aspects are unimportant – it only means they are not primary within the “cosmic food chain.” It is all about the energy and spirit behind the creation of material constructs. Matter created without spirit and energy is cosmically dead and will contribute to imbalance because it lacks optimal communication with the whole. This is what humanity will consciously or subconsciously start realizing. It is one of the most important aspects Pluto in Aquarius will bring to humanity. Gemini energy will give our mental powers a cosmic boost, helping internalize these essential laws and start applying them to our lives instantly.

Use the month of June to choose clarity and study yourself. Take time to renew your personality and outlook on the world. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 4 will create an opening for us all to renew our vision on everything we know. Realize that we find ourselves in a very interesting time that will forever change our outdated views on life and offer the chance to restore balance – both internally and externally – if we want it. Peace!


May 2023

This past month offered the opportunity for an accelerated development of our world view. As a collective, this is reflected in the fact that many people have started making different choices based on the new rules of this age – the age of Aquarius. Many of us have adopted a different view on life, which is inspiring innovative choices at work, in relationships and in our efforts towards personal development and growth. The world can often feel intense, and we may experience the feeling of wanting to foster more harmonious living conditions for our world. The idea of “a better world starts with you” is the spiritual tone of this accelerated development, and it is within our reach. In order to achieve this, we must persevere with love. It’s important that we view perseverance as our responsibility and understand that every act, no matter how small, is of great importance to the collective.

Aries’ fiery energy has fueled transformative powers within us that we can now anchor, led by the Earth sign Taurus. Taurus invites us to be focused, determined and persevere until our goals are brought into the world. By not allowing emotions to hinder our progress, we can overcome obstacles that keep us from achieving our goals more easily. Focus on being victorious over every trial that arises. We can be driven by the passions of our souls and see fears as beacons for the places where we still have work to do in order to reach our highest potential. The golden rule of “through it and not around it” offers support when life feels difficult.

We can view every form of restlessness as an opportunity for growth and development, and this perspective can be applied to the restlessness and tension in the world around us. No matter the scale, it invites us to turn inward and be the change we want to see in the world. It doesn’t work to hold on to the past and romanticize everything that once was. We are living in a new age that asks for innovation by acting from dedication, harmony, perseverance and wisdom – all characteristics represented by Taurus energy. The planet controlling and managing Taurus has not yet been discovered by science, which means this zodiac sign has hidden power not yet known by us. However, this power and wisdom are still present and available. We can open ourselves up to receive this hidden knowledge that is deep within us. We mustn’t seek outside of ourselves, but within, and trust the inner voice.

The full moon in Scorpio on May 5th will generate a lot of movement because two of the zodiac’s most powerful signs – Taurus and Scorpio – will combine. Their decisiveness, dedication and perseverance make for a powerful full moon, after which the world will look energetically different. On the same day, the Sun is conjunct Uranus, Mercury and the Northern node in Taurus. We can seize this opportunity for growth by challenging ourselves to not give up when something is difficult.

Let this wisdom sink in, and then consider whether any goals and choices made in the past weeks have been driven by passion or fear. Take a leap of faith and travel from beacon to beacon on your personal development journey, because everything is about that never-ending road. It is the road of co-creation and harmony that will set our planet free from greed generated by a subconscious sense of scarcity.

Important date:
May 5th, full moon in Scorpio, sun conjunct Uranus, Mercury and Northern node in Taurus.


April 2023

Last month, we ended the astrological year in Pisces. Many of us, whether consciously or subconsciously, have used the available energy of the cosmos for personal reflection and closure. This energy, while powerful and loving, can also be responsible for confrontations and emotional triggers. It is developing the consciousness that will now occur under the star sign Aries. In April, we can expect a rapid development of our world view, also known as “the process of inner awakening.”

From an astrological perspective, Aries’ energy begins powerfully and with great determination. The sun begins its cycle along all zodiac signs in Aries and makes a sextile with Pluto end Capricorn / beginning Aquarius. The new moon’s energy in the cusp of Aries, conjunct Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter is also very important. These unique planetary positions invite a great deal of action, confrontation, breakthrough, spontaneous change, determination and clear direction. Allowing this information to permeate without trying to understand it can help us optimally use these energies for our own development. Surrender to the flow without fighting the intensity of emotions that may arise.

The Aries energy being released is linked with higher aspects of the soul and invites us to show up and assert ourselves in deeper ways. Many will release what no longer serves them, including unfulfilling emotional ties. This potential liberation can be applied to our relationships with ourselves, our relationships with others, our work and any other chosen structures in our lives. Emotional ties are under a magnifying glass in order to renew our perspective of them. The purpose of this Aries energy is to break free from psychological barriers so we can begin our lives anew. Don’t project psychological constraints onto the world or those around you – observe the limitations you have created and the emotions they generate. We can expect to experience deeper self-renewal and self-belief.

Pluto entered Aquarius on March 24, creating a powerful sextile with the sun in Aries. This ushers in great scientific developments and technological changes. It’s important to examine our relationships with science and technology, specifically within the realm of artificial intelligence, which can serve our personal development rather than make us dependent. The responsibility to explore how science can serve us rather than control us lies with every individual.

Aries energy wants to show us that we can do much more than we realize. We all contain unique talents that wish to rise and be shared with the world. Take responsibility to explore your soul’s “fire” and create in harmony with it. Open up to new parts of your soul that want to collaborate and help manifest this new version of yourself in the world. It’s time for a new you – one that is connected to the earth as well as the cosmos. Allow curiosity and balance to guide you to the best version of yourself.


March 2023

Last month, we discussed how the astrological new year begins on March 20, 2023. This is the day the sun begins her cycle past all zodiac signs, beginning with Aries. Aries’ dazzling energy gives us the opportunity to reshape our lives. But before it’s time for that, we can harness the energy of Pisces and close the year with love by looking back on all events without judgment. It’s important to appreciate the experience that every event gave us. We learn through our experiences, therefore we can view them as the engine of personal development and the way to get to know ourselves. If we are willing to really integrate this concept into our psyche, we will appreciate everything, no matter how difficult it may be. By perceiving everything that happens as valuable, we create a kind of love bubble from which we view the world and ourselves. This love bubble encourages compassion because we can withhold judgment from ourselves and others.

In the coming weeks, take a moment to evaluate the past year if it feels right. Try to view the highs and lows with an equal amount of love, and pause to look at everything these experiences brought and how they inspired personal growth.

This perspective can inspire those around us because it lights a flame of softness and love that can spread to others. This is where the saying, “as within, so without” comes in usefully. What we change within our own consciousness, we also change in the outside world, because everything is connected through an energy field. By becoming conscious of this, we can more easily determine which choices contribute to harmony on earth and which ones disrupt it.

How can Pisces assist in this process?

The sun has been in Pisces since February 19. Pisces is a water sign, which means that during this period, the energy of the water element is reflected on earth by the sun. The water element invites us to develop our ability to feel, which asks us to be soft, tender, and let go. The water element also makes it easier to connect with our own depths. All this energy can be used to develop compassion that we carry into our future selves.

Dedication, unconditional surrender, love and hard work are the key elements for optimally using our experiences. In the coming weeks, we can focus on closing the year by viewing ourselves and our experiences with softness and tenderness. It is an invitation to let go of everything that no longer serves us with love. This way, we prepare for a brilliant start to the new year on March 20, with the sun in fire sign Aries.

By truly seeing, feeling, allowing, and embracing the big picture, we can help heal our past. The past was just an experience, and we can choose a future that aligns with who we are now.

Important date:

March 7, full moon in Virgo, sun conjunct Mercury and Neptune.


February 2023

The first month of the year has almost passed and we might have almost forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever wondered how our year count started? And do you realize it is a system conceived by humans, a system that is not waterproof, because we need leap years to align our calendar with the Sun, so that our ‘calendar spring’ will always run parallel to the astronomical spring? Otherwise, Easter, for example, would gradually shift which would cause us to eventually do an Easter egg hunt on the shortest day of the year. For many people across the world the new year starts on a completely different day, because humanity, largely based on religious events, follows different calendar systems. But how exactly does it work with New Year’s resolutions? Can’t you just always have them? Or do they carry more meaning if we align them to a new calendar year? And which calendar should we be using to make them as powerful as possible? If you do a bit of research on the origins of the year count, you will discover that much about what should really be the first day of the year, is unclear. Throughout the centuries, views have changed repeatedly and currently the so-called ‘Gregorian calendar’, based on the Christian year count, is used in most parts of the world.

However, not a calendar but the Sun rules our seasons and it does so with mathematical precision. This astrological prognosis is therefore based on the Sun. The Sun walks into the first Zodiac sign (Aries) on the first day of Spring on March 20, 2023.

For us, the new year starts on this exact day. The good news is that you still have some weeks left to focus on your good intentions and resolutions and think about the ones that really matter. Because, from an astrological perspective, March 20 is the perfect day to start with a clean slate. Right now, the Sun is in Aquarius, and in a larger astrological cycle, we are at the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Hence, a lot of ‘Aquarius energy’ is available to mankind now. Aquarius energy brings us innovation and groundbreaking mental power, but also creativity, innovation and inventiveness. Perfect tools to keep renewing ourselves. Teach yourself to think in possibilities and see your ‘limitations’ as a challenge to upgrade your consciousness.

Aquarius energy works most in our favor if we set goals for the future in full surrender, without connecting them to an outcome. Aquarius offers a creative stream of manifestation that can be inhibited by being overly result-oriented. For us humans, setting goals without expectation is something totally novel. To connect to this energy, you can try to feel the difference between the following words: searching for something, and finding it, listening and really hearing, watching and really seeing. By truly processing this, you will start to realize these coming weeks that it’s much easier to achieve your goals without an intended outcome. Through reflection, you will get to know the energy and learn to collaborate with it. If it suits you, choose to develop your cosmic wisdom and spiritual intelligence. If we humans use our spiritual intelligence correctly, we can achieve anything we want as the universe offers unlimited possibilities. Get to know the laws of the universe and make creativity and inventiveness your sidekicks in developing the realization that your future self needs to be able to grow. And then, let the cosmos help you unlock this potential. Don’t limit yourself. Renew your truth, act crazy when you want to and let yourself be guided by the passion of your soul. Be wild, be genuine, dance with your fears and let experience be your teacher. Because you are the one who creates your life.


January an astrological forecast for 2023

2022 was a practice year. Intense developments on the world’s stage have taught us to increase our adaptability at breakneck speed. Change is a constant, everything is always moving and thus in flux. Our perception eventually determines how well we can surrender and use whatever change brings us. Our true power lies in surrendering and adapting to change. By judging change or fearing it, we obstruct our development. 2022 taught us how to deal with change and disappointment by developing our capacity to harmoniously adapt. We also got to practice balancing our rationality and emotions. Those skills will be crucial to being able to surrender to the speed of change the future holds.

2023 will be the year of in-depth knowledge. Deepening our perception and consciousness. Consciousness is the power to perceive ourselves as part of the whole. It’s not about our spiritual development, but about being conscious of everything that is. Everything is energy: the universe and the planets, but also us and the material world we live in. The integration of this realization is called holistic consciousness, and the more conscious we become of it, the more we are able to appreciate all our experiences.

Experience is life’s teacher. Everything we do, what happens to us, and what we choose is meant to grant us experience. When our consciousness deepens, we will be able to experience more easily and without judgment. Judging an experience stems from perception. The perception that an experience is unpleasant or pleasant. When we develop our consciousness, we will discover every experience is valuable, no matter how challenging. Challenge invites us to grow and that is life’s engine.

Deepening our consciousness creates the need to connect with like-minded others through a loving exchange. Those who develop their consciousness in similar ways amplify each other. That is why it is invaluable to open up and connect from our essence by sharing experiences and visions with each other. At the start of 2023, Pluto is in conjunction with Venus. The energy that this planetary position projects to Earth increases our need for connection.

Saturn and Pluto will influence our personal development by encouraging us to think in possibilities. Obstructions only exist by virtue of our own will. Pluto in Aquarius (from the end of March) helps us in becoming aware of this as a result of its strong influence on our perception in combination with Aquarius’ power for innovation. The more we perceive, the more we learn to understand and are able to know ourselves. We will discover our mental boundaries and a lot of what seemed impossible, will become possible. Technology, science, creativity, and spirituality will merge in our consciousness because our need to look at the world and ourselves more holistically, grows.

Influenced by Saturn in Pisces, spirituality will play a big part in 2023. The term spirituality has been polluted for years, influenced by dogmas that created an image of spirituality as something outside of yourself, something to be or achieve, higher than yourself. But spirituality is nothing more than being conscious of the comprehensive unity we are part of. And life in this earthly matter is a spiritual experience in itself. Greeting our fellow man on the street, treating our environment with respect, and organizing our home can all be activities just as spiritual as meditating or lighting incense. When we learn to look at all earthly things holistically, we will discover infinite possibilities, and we can realize our biggest dreams. An open mind, perseverance, creativity, and passion are the key words for 2023. Love life.

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December 2022

Under Scorpio’s influence, November was the month we took a deep dive into our soul. That came with intense emotions, but they are nothing but energy in movement. When energy moves, we can transform it.

Energy can only change, it cannot disappear. When we realize this, we understand that we can cooperate with energy to develop our emotional intelligence. The energy of emotions is neutral, neither positive nor negative. It can feel charged, but that stems from the perception we have and the value we attribute to certain emotions. Every emotion gives us the opportunity to transform energy into usable energy, by truly allowing it to pass through us. If we try to make the energy of emotions disappear, because we experience it as difficult, negative or intense, we actually do nothing but save its energy into our system. Saved emotional energy will always surface at a different moment to then be transformed. This is why it seems as if we experience certain things repeatedly. Difficult emotions will continue to return and invite us to be transformed. Only transformation cleanses our system and breaks the circle of repetition. Now is the moment to reflect on everything we have experienced and felt in November. This way, we will gain insight into the energy released and we can work with it.

Sagittarius’ energy (December) comes with many opportunities. To optimally use them, it is important to let go of the past. What has been, has been. Everything that has happened, was always best for your higher goal and brought you to where you are now. There is tremendous power in this surrender. Dare to let go of your past and surrender to the infinite possibilities and opportunities that await you, to allow optimal growth. Listen to yourself, to your soul and move your boundaries. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The full moon’s energy in Gemini on December 8 will support us in growing our mental strength. This strength helps us to create the clarity we can use to adapt our vision. Sometimes, we subconsciously stay in an outdated opinion on what we want in life, what we think of events and things around us and where we think we are headed. Sagittarius’ energy invites us to scrutinize these outdated elements and to revise them. Our vision is a powerful engine that moves us. Outdated elements in it can obstruct us to move forward. If our vision is free of old patterns and thoughts, a sense of freedom arises that releases a tremendous energy we can use to direct us. Everything is subject to change. Realize it and let go of any fear of change.

We are allowed to learn to think in possibilities. It is a cosmic law that we are always precisely where we need to be in our lives, and that everything that happens is just right for our development. Life only moves forward, never backwards. Sagittarius’ energy shows us confrontations are always lessons that advance us and free us. Right now, we are challenged to think in this manner. Letting go and free ourselves of ‘karma’ is what we need right now to harmoniously build a ‘better’ world.

Deep in our soul lies the essential memory: we are here to experience ourselves as a cosmic being in a human body. The moment we truly realize this, our consciousness will open and we can let love, the foundation of everything and in a sense our origins, flow to the fullest. We can do so much more than we think. We only have to remember. With dedication, surrender and discipline we bring out our true knowledge, power and love energy and we can apply it to our lives.

Important date:
December 8, full moon in Gemini.

Important planetary aspects:
Sun square Saturn, opposition Moon-Mars conjunction in Gemini.
Sun conjunction Uranus in Taurus.
Sun square Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces.


November 2022

“Upgrade your emotional intelligence and manifest your desires in harmony with the planet.”

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions this November. Emotions that are loving and pleasant, but most definitely intense and confronting. All emotions, despite their intensity, will cause a collective shift in consciousness and we will all become more emotionally intelligent and physically more decisive.

The cosmic upgrade becoming available from an astrological perspective assists us in developing our emotional intelligence, allowing us to learn to control the depth of our psyche. Controlling this depth leads to unknown power of manifestation. The individual force is dependent on the level of our emotional intelligence development and how much we can collaborate with the planet from our consciousness. 

People have struggled to control their emotions since forever, but a big change occurred on a collective level the past two years. All over the world, people are more open to their feelings and emotions and really feeling them becomes easier and the realization how we can control them is landing in our collective consciousness. November is a specific moment in cosmic timing when we all get to control, develop and understand ‘the process of feeling’.

The new “moon years” energy (that started last month) will help us recognize our original soul plan. To facilitate this process, it’s important for our thoughts, feelings and intuition to collaborate. The coming moon year will help us to recognize the pure parts of ourselves and to integrate them in our way of life. To restore the balance on earth, we need the pure information and knowledge that boils deep in our soul and is ready to surface. An upgrade in our emotional intelligence is necessary to let this pure knowledge of the soul to surface and to integrate it in our consciousness. If we are able to develop our emotional intelligence, it becomes easier to take in and transform worldwide developments. This will bring forth progress on both a personal and a societal level.

The full moon in Taurus on November 8 will tie up the loose ends. It is good to realize that consciously or subconsciously, we have already made the choice for the changes coming our way. It is of significant importance that we will learn to flow with the energy of the moment and let ourselves be carried by it. Some changes can feel very intense, but will be very renewing, powerful and useful nonetheless. Our life takes the direction we have chosen, if we dare to take concrete steps. So don’t doubt and begin your big manifestation project. Dare to jump and create discipline, structure, surrender and dedication. Whatever happens, keep moving and experience the support of the multiverse.

Important date:
Full moon in Taurus on November 8.

Important planetary aspects:
Moon in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus and the northern moon node and Pluto triangle.
Sun in conjunction with Venus and Mercury and triangle Neptune/Jupiter conjunction.


October 2022

October literally marks the start of a new moon year, ushering in a new astrological cycle that will bring growth, clarity and consciousness. The past moon year has made clear which mental constructs influence our perception, causing us to believe and live our ‘own story’ through the years. It has also caused great collective turmoil in all areas of life. This turmoil has brought old patterns to the surface and we are now given the chance to distinguish which personal and collective ‘stories’ camouflage our soul’s mission. This makes for a very powerful moon year ahead, essential for the expansion of our collective consciousness.

What was set in motion the past moon year, we will complete this year. The full moon in Aries on October 9 strongly resonates with our subconscious desires and tasks. These come straight from our soul and because the soul’s language can’t be taught, we can’t always understand it straight away. If we learn to understand it better, we can more easily make the choices truly fitting our path.

The first tool in learning to understand the soul’s language is organizing our subconsciousness by reflecting on it. This is done by objectively exploring the synchronicity and timing of events in our life without judgment. Everything has a reason and everything is energy. The moment we realize the reason for life’s events, we can learn to direct the events’ energy to actions serving our full potential. An event can ask two different things from us. It asks us to either transform or realize something. It invites us to act on change or create something. All actions in our lives can be traced back to these two principles: transformation or creation.

A new astrological moon year of twelve months will commence on October 9.  The main theme of this coming moon year is to bring balance to our mental powers to be able to organize our subconsciousness. This way of organizing is needed to free ourselves from deeply limiting energy patterns that restrict us from achieving cosmic adulthood. Our mental power is extremely powerful, but using it optimally requires connection to our feelings and intuition and detachment from unresolved emotions. Otherwise, we risk using our mental power to safeguard ourselves, missing the opportunity to renew. If we focus on safety, we limit our potential for growth. Organizing our subconsciousness can help to detach from our need for safety.

The coming moon year will challenge us to use our mental and analytical power to quickly renew and not to safeguard ourselves. We may renew ourselves in all fields of life and cosmic power will help us do so. The challenge is to see every confrontation with ourselves or our surroundings as a chance to grow. If we apply this to our daily life, our personal growth will be unprecedentedly huge, fast, concrete and super harmonious. 

In short, the upcoming moon year offers everyone who dares to renew and innovate from the heart the chance to reach their full potential. Don’t forget we are always safe if we remember our cosmic origin and dare to live from this consciousness.

Important date:
October 9 Full Moon in Aries.

Important planetary aspects:
Sun in conjunction with Venus in Libra, triangle Saturn, triangle Mars.
Moon in conjunction with Chiron in Aries, activating the aerial triangle described above.
Transformational planet Pluto is activated by the full moon.
Five planets in retrograde are expected to cause self-reflection and introspection.


September 2022

Dare to seize opportunities

‘Fully surrendering creates infinite possibilities’ is this month’s quote. September is full of surprises, very deepening, philosophical, determined and abrupt in nature. This is caused by August’s creative energy which has set a lot in motion. People from all over the world have chosen to acknowledge their authentic self and to act accordingly. This has caused much collective, societal and personal movement that will bring about big changes with positive outcome for all of us. It is important to learn to work with the creative energy available to us. However tough and strange at first for many of us, it is definitely worthwhile.

Awareness is the first step: take the time to familiarize yourself with the creative flow of energy by reflecting and meditating on your thoughts, emotions and intuition. This is how you learn to realize and discover what creation-energy is. Don’t aim for a factual understanding, instead focus on experiencing. Understanding will follow naturally. 

Acting is the second step: only by fully surrendering will you notice how creative energy works and how you can apply and integrate it in your life.

Creative energy is hard to recognize at first, as it simply appears at a moment in time to end just as unpredictably. But despite its unpredictability, this energy doesn’t go unnoticed. Creative energy works in close collaboration with cosmic timing. Cosmic timing is unclear, surprising, determined, magic, powerful and most of all transforming. Without expecting it, sometimes you suddenly know your goal and how to achieve it. Don’t doubt and seize these opportunities with both hands when they appear.

The full moon in Pisces on September 10 is the catalyst enforcing the aforementioned movement. This full moon is a mix of two powerful elements, namely earth and water. If you dare to really surrender, these two elements combined give you extra power to manifest. Earth makes you goal-oriented and concrete, whereas water brings the inspiration to persevere until your goal is reached.

Important date:
September 10 Full Moon in Pisces.

Important planetary aspects:
Neptune in conjunction with moon, sun in triangle Pluto and triangle Uranus, together form a cosmic kite.


August 2022

Dare To Be Your Own Guru

Last month’s topic was strengthening the connection with yourself, others and your surroundings while developing the emotional discernment to stay close to yourself. August’s energy will encourage you to face and recognize your authenticity. This is a process that requires you to surrender, despite the emotional resistance you perceive if you start to live up to who you truly are.

You’re now given the opportunity to activate this unique part of yourself that only you can do. With the intention to use that power to establish your true self and to harmonize your surroundings. Elements of fire and air are prominently represented during this period to guide you with clear insights and moments of spontaneous transformation. August is also the month to push yourself beyond your limits. The chance to achieve genius breakthroughs is very present, on a personal as well as on a social level.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 12 is in conjunction with the sun in Leo. The energy of this full moon will challenge us all to stay authentic despite society’s expectations. Miraculous situations will arise when Aquarius’ innovative, unorthodox energy is mixed with Leo’s creative, passionate and determined energy.

Bear in mind you can expect confrontations with your surroundings if you and others start living more of your authentic selves. See these confrontations as mirrors and don’t judge them! React lovingly towards yourself and others and realize that you too act as a mirror for your surroundings. We need these reflections to stay genuine in all aspects of life and the more mirrors you can allow, the faster you develop on a personal level.

Humanity has entered the age of Aquarius. This indicates a period in which cosmic wisdom, creativity, individuality, consciousness of being united and freedom are the new playing rules of our reality. That makes this full moon an extremely important one. Aquarius energy, projected onto the earth by the full moon, will guide you to start living the needs of your soul here on earth even more.

Important date:
August 12 Full Moon in Aquarius.

Important planetary aspects:
Uranus/Mars conjunction in Taurus square Moon/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.
Uranus/Mars conjunction in Taurus square Sun in Leo.