Winter Insert for Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

The Artipoppe Winter Insert is an attachable insert that can be added to Zeitgeist Baby Carrier for extra warmth and comfort during colder days. Crafted from 100% lamb skin, it provides excellent warmth, is breathable and comfortable for both baby and wearer. Parenting at its finest through bonding without compromising on aesthetics and style.


The following instructions images explain how to attach the Winter Insert to the inside of the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier’s body panel.

Care instructions

The Winter Insert is crafted from 100% lamb skin. It requires professional leather cleaning only.

Product details & warnings

Read all instructions carefully before use. Always check your Zeitgeist Baby Carrier and Winter Insert for any damage before using. If there is any, do not use either and contact us at [email protected] for advice.

  • The Winter Insert is not a baby carrier;
  • Only use the Winter Insert in combination with the Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier;
  • Always monitor your child closely to ensure he/she does not become overheated;
  • We advise to use the Winter Insert only with babies over 3 months old;
  • Always ensure your child wears proper clothing while using the Winter Insert;
  • Always check if the Winter Insert is safely secured to the carrier.

Suffocation hazard

  • Do not strap infant too tight against your body;
  • Always allow room for head movement of the infant;
  • Always keep infant’s face free from obstructions.

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