Artipoppe Baby Wrap, Baby Sling and Baby Carrier

Welcome to Artipoppe, bringing you the most beautiful Baby Wrap, Baby Sling and Baby Carrier products on earth.

Our aesthetics, fabrics and innovative product designs provide an experience of class and style that combine the comfort and health benefits of babywearing. You can be proud to own an Artipoppe Baby Wrap, Baby Sling and Baby Carrier with the knowledge that each piece is crafted with the utmost safety, care and quality.

Our product assortment is carefully curated to offer a range of babywearing solutions that fit your needs from birth through toddlerhood. Traditional woven Baby Wraps are famous for versatility, a Baby Sling is a stylish favorite, and our Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is a must-have for its ease of use and built-in-support.

Baby Wrap

Artipoppe Woven Baby Wraps are a long piece of purpose-designed woven fabric used to carry a child from infancy to toddlerhood. Depending on the age of your child and your experience with babywearing, Baby Wraps can be used for a variety of carrying positions like front carry, hip carry and back carry. The advantages of using a Baby Wrap over other carriers are the versatility, support and weight distribution it provides the wearer.

Baby Wrap benefits: versatility, ultimate support, usable from birth through toddlerhood

Baby Sling

Artipoppe Ring Slings are one shoulder baby carriers that are one-size-fits-all. An Artipoppe Ring Sling is made out of specially designed woven fabric with a pair of silver or gold rings sewn to one end. Like our Baby Wraps, Baby Slings are completely adjustable and can be used from infancy through toddlerhood as a front, hip or back carrier. The Baby Sling is very easy to use and quick to get on, although it is less comfortable for longer carries or heavier babies.

Baby Sling benefits: stylish carrier, ideal for quick ups and downs, trips into the city or use as cover for breastfeeding

Baby Carrier

Our newest addition to the collection is the Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier. Unlike our Baby Wraps and Baby Slings, the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier has padding and buckles built in for quick, simple assembly. This is a beautiful option for parents who enjoy the flexibility of a Baby Wrap but desire more structure. You can hold your baby close on both your front or back, as well as be comforted by sturdy straps and buckles that are simple to adjust and get on and off. The Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is suitable from birth up to 20 kilograms and grows with your baby, the Zeitgeist Toddler Carrier can be used from age 1 up to 3,5 (20 kilograms).

Baby Carrier benefits: fast, simple and supportive specialty carriers for either newborns or toddlers

Artipoppe Woven Baby Wrap, Baby Sling and Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

Whether choosing for a versatile Artipoppe Baby Wrap, a stylish Baby Sling, the effortless Zeitgeist Baby Carrier, or all  – you and your baby will surely discover the many lasting benefits that come from wearing your child, your most precious jewel.

All Artipoppe Baby Wraps, Baby Slings and Baby Carriers are available for purchase worldwide in our online shop.

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