Towards healing and regenerating mother earth

We aim to reduce emissions in all areas possible. However, despite our best efforts, unavoidable emissions remain. We have chosen to plant trees to help absorb carbon that is emitted through our operations. We will be planting a tree for every order made, for every item we produce.

Aside from absorbing carbon, trees create social impact by providing sustenance and jobs, regulate the climate, clean the air, provide shelter and protect biodiversity, intercept and filter water and improve our health. The decision to contribute to reforestation was made in line with our vision to leave the world better than how we found it. While we feel that this is not the end-all solution, we hope that this will be a step for Artipoppe to contribute to earth regeneration.

Partnership with One Tree Planted

We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees. This is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation to restore nature and biodiversity. We chose to partner with One Tree Planted because they follow natural restoration approaches that reflect the diversity of natural forests using native tree species. Examples of projects they manage include mangrove reforestation projects in Asia and Latin America that aim to protect coastlines and restore biodiversity in marine ecosystems, and fruit-tree planting projects in India, providing food and income to small farmers.