Artipoppe is all about freedom: freedom in the way we get to move through this world, freedom to listen to that inner voice and reconnect to the wild within, the natural instincts that we are all born with.

Artipoppe stands with women, stands for mothers being able to move freely in the world. That’s what Artipoppe represents literally: keeping your precious one close to your skin and heart in a carefully crafted baby carrier. The child feeling safe and protected, enveloped in softness, while the mother makes her way in the physical realm without having to think twice about it.

Yet there’s a deeper, more symbolic meaning to it as well.  This is where founder Anna van den Bogert’s idea of The New Motherhood comes in. Ever since she’s launched Artipoppe she has firmly believed we live in a highly conventional era when it comes to motherhood, but also that change is near. She sees this reflected in the way we are connecting to consciousness and Mother Nature. A consciousness that is at the base of more sustainability, inclusivity, connection and love. Love for nature, love for humanity. Life is slowly moving towards alignment with the flow of the patterns nature has created for us and started a healing process that is crucial to our survival. Anna feels motherhood plays an important role in this change, being the start of every human life. Motherhood is in need of a paradigm shift towards her nature. A nature of instincts, bonding and mindful nourishing. First and foremost, we’re not here to define for you what motherhood, parenthood, should or shouldn’t be. Artipoppe has always been about empowerment and freedom. Freedom to listen to your inner voice and freedom in the way you move through this world. Anna hopes to inform and inspire you, open up your mind to the possibilities of what our societies, our communities, our lives could ideally be like in the future if we embrace this new vibration into our lives.

Motherhood is in need of a paradigm shift; mothers should have the time and space to deeply bond with their child and take up their place in society as unique and autonomous beings.

While there’s still a long road ahead of us – which makes us all the more driven – we’d like to highlight some areas where we feel changes are important and long overdue: society, career, the ever-evolving self and therefore self-discovery.

To listen to your maternal instincts

Ever since Anna founded Artipoppe in 2012, one thing really stood out to her: an inbox flooded with messages from fellow mothers. Countless questions mostly new moms seem to struggle with: staying home with the kids or climbing the career ladder, how to even juggle the two, breast feeding or bottle feeding, co-sleeping or separate rooms, how to create room for intimacy with your partner while co-sleeping. Those personal and extremely intimate issues almost seem political in today’s society. A mother’s life seems up for debate – all the more magnified by social media. Society questions her, she questions herself. True, there’s some amazing scientific research out there around parenting that offers some solid guidance. This also spearheads our statement that baby carrying benefits the child’s overall sense of happiness. Yet at the end of the day, Anna feels there’s no such thing as right or wrong. We are not here to tell you what to do, we believe you already know yourself. Keep your baby close to your heart, listen to that inner drum, tap into your own inner wisdom. At Artipoppe we believe all individuals – including babies – are unique. Defy the status quo and dare to trust your instincts.

Motherhood is something sacred, not to be smothered or confined by what any outside force other than yourself dictates it should or should not be.

To work (or not) in a safe space

Real feminism in motherhood, what’s the meaning of this according to Anna: ‘‘That ensues when a woman becomes a mother, she can go on to live her life to the fullest with her baby by her side.’’ This utopia isn’t always attainable in today’s world – especially when we look at the workplace. Just think of how, in professional environments, we work with a 24-hour circadian biological rhythm. Whereas women, as women’s hormone expert and The New York Times-bestselling author Alisa Vitti argues, actually should consider their monthly infradian rhythm. This might not mean excruciatingly long 12-hour working days but looking at your moon cycle and adjusting your tasks accordingly. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Anna: ‘‘I believe a mother should not be separated from her newborn, and that it should be the norm instead of the exception to see a woman in the workplace with her baby. Offices equipped with feeding and changing rooms, companies offering in-house childcare. Jacinda Ardern, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, is a great example. When she attended the UN General Assembly, she had her daughter, who was three months old at the time, with her. I understand this isn’t feasible for everyone. It’s a process, step by step.’’ In no way should motherhood be a hindrance to make career advancements. Rather, it should be the reason why you’ll climb that ladder faster. Also, because we believe the world is in dire need of more diverse leadership.

Then there are other occasions such as going out to dinner, visiting a museum, simply traveling. Women should be able to go anywhere they dream of, accompanied by their babies. At this point in time, yes, they physically can, but it’s not always a pleasurable experience. Take breastfeeding in public – a necessity if you don’t want to be stuck at home. The act of breastfeeding is beautiful and completely natural. Yet to display it is somehow still frowned upon, even in the most dynamic and seemingly progressive places. We call for a society where we all can unapologetically take up the space we so deserve.

It should be the norm instead of the exception to see a woman in the workplace with her baby – and the work environment should consequently help support her claim her righteous place there.

To be the wild woman you are

As women, as people, we are in constant flux, forever changing. When a child is born, we welcome a new soul into the world while the mother sheds the layers of her old self. Change is inevitable, but it often brings up fears. Anna is a mother to four children, very well aware of the changes motherhood brings. Anna: ‘‘Staying true to yourself and loving yourself after becoming a mother is not easy, but it is essential. I see many mothers in isolation with their newborns, barely daring to get out of the house. Everything is adjusted to suit the baby’s rhythm, suppressing one’s own identity and needs. Imagine all those mothers* who are afraid to leave the baby with a sitter, and therefore barely go out with their partners anymore; never enjoy a dinner with their lover. Which is, in fact, all the more important when you have a baby; to be together as a romantic, loving couple.’’ She explains: ‘‘The truth is: babies sleep most of the first six months of their life – with some exceptions. And because they are so light, you can easily take them anywhere. All you need is confidence in yourself and your baby.’’ At Artipoppe, we also look at the remarkable work of author Glennon Doyle about refinding your wild, untamed heart. In the opening paragraph of her book she draws a metaphor. An interesting parallel between a tamed cheetah she once saw at the zoo and women who, according to her beliefs, are tamed from birth to fit into society’s standards. Glennon observes this majestic creature, so incredibly strong and sensual, only to realize it has somehow forgotten its own brilliance.

Express yourself for who you truly are: a mother, a woman and so much more.

*‘‘Surely not all, but many women feel a natural urge to take care of their children and Anna strongly feels they shouldn’t have to feel ashamed but applauded for this. While of course there are also fathers who love to nurture – all the more power to them. At Artipoppe, we fully support any type of loving parent. Most of all, letting nurturing parents, whether identifying man or woman, do what they instinctively feel works best for them, while treating their talents equally.’’

What we do

Our mission

Artipoppe is a baby carrier, but it’s also a lifestyle and revolves around a powerful movement. At Artipoppe, we aim to unite women and you with yourself – in a world that’s full of noise and distractions. We want to make a mother’s life easy, but also challenge her to stay true to herself. Ignite that spark to follow your own instincts and embrace imperfections. A Zeitgeist Baby Carrier gives the wearer an opportunity to keep their identity, to demonstrate self-confidence, to feel beautiful and to show the world they care – not only about their baby but also about themselves, the environment and all of us together as a community.

Our vision

At Artipoppe, we envision a world where all mothers feel empowered, secure and confident. About themselves and the way they go about their daily lives. Ideally, this would be seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of society and in our collective minds. Naturally, women should be able to mother, to have a career, to look pretty on their own terms. All at once or not at all – this choice is yours and yours alone to make. In the meantime, looking and feeling great should in no way endanger the glorious green planet we call home. Therefore, we are and will always stay deeply committed to quality, aesthetics and style. To us, sustainability is part of all of that. Our baby carriers embody and reflect these core values. To conclude in Anna’s words: ‘‘The only great life is a life in harmony with its surroundings.’’ Since in essence we are our surroundings, we as human beings are nature.

Our methods

Artipoppe has always been committed to crafting the highest quality products using luxurious materials in a responsible manner, all while maintaining a balance with nature. Artipoppe takes a unique approach by aiming to create products that not only benefit the mind, body, and spirit, but also encourage authentic self-expression. Artipoppe products are translated into reality step by step, starting with a selection of the finest materials, such as organic cashmere, linen and hemp from producers that respect the environment. These materials become the foundation for one-of-a-kind Zeitgeist Baby Carrier statement designs, including Yin Yang and Argus. The creation process continues in Lithuania, where Artipoppe’s fabrics are being woven, and in Bugaboo’s facility (Artipoppe’s mother company) in Xiamen, China, where the Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is assembled. Full control of the process in this facility lies with Artipoppe, providing a solid foundation for a modern, safe and collaborative work environment where great attention is devoted daily to the personal welfare of Artipoppe employees. Prior to being packaged by hand at Artipoppe’s headquarters in the Netherlands, every Zeitgeist Baby Carrier undergoes a rigorous quality check, ensuring an exceptional product before being shipped to all corners of the world. All Baby Wraps and Ring Slings are crafted in-house at Artipoppe’s atelier in the Netherlands.

Our materials

Working with nature instead of against it, that’s our philosophy when sourcing materials. Raw materials are obtained from producers that respect the environment. Our Zeitgeist Baby Carriers, Baby Wraps and Ring Slings are available in a wide variety of fibers and blends including vegan options. Wherever possible, we search for options that are animal-friendly. Always asking ourselves the question: what’s best for you, your baby and the planet? It’s all connected. Only the world’s highest quality, luxurious and durable yarns and materials pass the test. After this selection process, Artipoppe Baby Carriers are handcrafted and lovingly made with a high level of personal attention given to each detail – from the fabrics and dyes to the art of blending fibers, the stitching, the designs chosen for each blend and subsequently each product as a whole. In the end we are committed to running a modern and responsible business that cherishes nature, people and animals. Read more here about sustainability at Artipoppe.

Artipoppe was founded by Anna van den Bogert in 2012. Today, Artipoppe items ship to over 90 countries worldwide in the regions of North America, Western Europe, East-Asia and Oceania. The company’s highest market share is found in the United States and European countries including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and its home country, the Netherlands.